2-Hour: The Magic of Twists


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  • The power that is your potential.  Learn how your ability to twist is a key factor in standing taller, running faster and walking longer.​

  • How to use your cues effectively.  Learn how to communicate with your students so that they improve their ability to twist safely and effectively, without fear. ​

  • Simple ways to build up and be playful with twists.  Discover how to improve your students’ awareness, stability, strength, and hip function (as well as your own) while honouring the principles of yoga.

TRAINING DETAILS: Join Live or Watch the Recording​

  • The Magic of Twists Training Call

  • Tuesday, ​February 11, 20​20

  • 2:30-4:30 P.M. [MST]

See you on the inside!!

xo Susi

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