2-Hour: The Treasures of Triangle Pose




Discover how to recognize and eliminate your own compensatory patterns that are preventing you from experiencing the relief, strength, and flexibility that can be yours with Triangle Pose.

Acclaimed yoga therapist Susi Hately (BSc Kinesiology) will teach you how recognize your own compensatory patterns that are causing unnecessary strain and preventing you from progressing in Triangle – so you can eliminate the source of your tension and pain and cultivate the strength, flexibility, and energy you desire.

When you know how to do it in a way that suits your body, Triangle Pose can have a huge positive body on your strength, flexibility, and overall wellbeing. If you’re ready to take your yoga practice and how you teach to the next level, join Susi for this game-changing program!

Training Details

You Will Discover: 
​- How to understand your biomechanics and identify the source of your SI joint strain or “grindy feeling”
– An Understanding of which pelvic position works best for you
– What causes those tingles down your arm when you’re in Triangle Pose – and what they mean
– How to become more aware of subtle shifts within your body so you can intuitively correct your posture and pose
– How to figure out the proper position for your knee
– How to​ modify the pose, or work on the building blocks to make the pose better
– How to adjust so you don’t feel so much pressure or strain in your inner thighs​


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