Wrist Pain Webinar


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This Wrist Pain Webinar is part of the The Pain Isn’t Where the Problem Is Webinar Series.

One of the primary concepts that Susi teaches all of her students and teacher trainees is that Where the Pain Is, Isn’t the Problem, rather it is a sign of limitation, dysfunction or compensation. The real problem is usually found in another area of the body. The wrist, in a sense, is at the end of a lasso, and we need to look further up the chain at the shoulder girdle, spine and torso to see which elements are doing what they should.

This is why a lot of people who have carpel tunnel syndrome surgery don’t actually get long standing relief, it is also why many yoga practitioners don’t ever resolve wrist issues. The issues further up the chain need to be resolved first –  you need to solve the “problem that is”.

The Wrist Webinar ran on July 27, 2017. Following purchase, you can download the recording of the webinar from our site. An email will be sent to you with details on how to access the download.

What Stephanie says: 

I am rather amazed with how fast this process went. I have had wrist and elbow issues as a result of my work, and not one other person has considered my shoulder or spine. I am so much more aware now of what I do to create the issue. I haven’t had wrist or elbow pain for months now. ~ Stephanie

What You Will Receive: This program consists of this webinar, a series of Susi-led yoga sequences to support you in reducing compensation and improving your pure movement, and a .pdf download of Susi’s Principles of Movement for you to refer to.

Learn More, Save More: If you would like to buy the bundle of 4 webinars (Back and SI Joints, Knees, Wrists and Jaw), click this link to receive 4 webinars for the price of 3.

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