2-Hour: Yoga Pose Corrections


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We Will Explore:

  • Warrior 1, 2, 3

  • Triangle

  • Sitting Twist

  • Downward Dog

You’ll learn how to recognize your own compensatory patterns

  • You’ll learn how to recognize your own compensatory patterns that are causing unnecessary strain and preventing you from going deeper into each pose – so you can eliminate the source of your tension and pain and cultivate the strength, flexibility, and energy you seek. 

You’ll Also Discover:

  • The underlying biomechanics to each pose so you understand exactly how your body is supposed to move and why

  • How to become more aware of subtle shifts within your body so you can intuitively correct your posture and pose

  • How to “self-diagnose” your compensations so you no longer have to rely on an instructor to improve your practice of these fundamental poses

You’ll even get the chance to submit your own practice videos for which Susi will review during the class, so you can get personalized advice on how to improve your performance and go even deeper into the pose.

​​See you on the inside!!

xo Susi

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