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This is the streamable version of the YogaTHRIVE: Yoga for Cancer Survivor’s videos. It is designed for people who are in treatment or who who have completed treatment.

This 7 week program was created by Susi as part of a study, at the University of Calgary, looking at the impact of yoga on cancer survivors.

Studied for 8 years, this program has shown significant results with the following:

  • improving quality of life
  • improving wellbeing,
  • reducing fatigue levels.

Over her 20 years of teaching, Susi has often heard people going through treatment ask the following question – “what else can I do that will help?”

She has also heard people who have finished treatment ask, “what next?”

This gentle and progressive program helps to rebuild:

  • breath awareness
  • body awareness,
  • flexibility
  • and as the weeks progress, stability and strength.

In all, this video series includes 7 – 1.25 hour programs.

It serves people who have never done yoga before, as people who are wanting to get back into a practice they had put on hold.

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