Q & A with Susi: How do you work with clients who keep telling their story?

By Susi Hately, B.Sc. Kinesiology, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

Question: When someone comes in and has a lot of drama and story related to their condition how do you work with them?

Susi’s response: I am really clear on what my skill set is. While I am not a psychologist nor I a priest, I am a human.  I use my ears and my whole being to listen to what they have to say because what they are saying (and what they aren’t saying), gives me a tremendous amount of information about who they are, how they process information and what is important to them.

I have also had my own fair share of “Life” and its curve balls, which has lead to me do a lot of my own personal work, which in turn, has enabled me to be able to be very present with another, to be able to be with another person’s emotional responses without getting “judgey”. This capability is really key – I don’t see someone’s story as a lot of drama. I see another human who is suffering and has a story to tell. It is amazing the healing that can happen when someone is heard and seen. The bumper sticker:  A vital piece to healing is the process of being seen and heard.

All my best,