Sacro-Iliac Joints

​Sacro-Iliac Joint Pain and Yoga

​Many people who have Sacro-Iliac Joint pain gain get relief from yoga.
How does this work, and why does yoga help?

Let’s take a look.

The SI Joints connect the sacrum and the ilium and form a bridge between the spine and the lower body. With functional SI Joints we can better transfer weight from upper to lower and from left to right.

When I work with clients with SI joint pain, most have limitations in their hip and shoulder function. When we improve their hip and shoulder function, their SI Joint pain reduces. Or eradicates completely.

Why does this happen?

Where the pain is, is not the problem.
The pain is the expression of the problem and demonstrates a “weak link” in the body. When you get to the cause of the pain and reduce that, then the pain begins to reduce and go away.

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