Your Secret Weapon of Leadership

From Pain To Possibility

Deep down…you know your body is trying to get your attention. No matter the condition, the pain, the injury . . . .you understand that something is up. You know that living your life could be so much easier. I am here to tell you that you are right. 

This program is designed to help you deepen your connection with your body,  your mind and with the inner communication of both. By doing so, not only will you eradicate pain, reduce flairs and recover from surgery more quickly, you will hone your secret weapon of leadership and success.

How so?

The consistent factor in helping my clients get well again is they are very good at using their drive and ambition to power through the symptoms they are experiencing. They know how to pull up their boot straps, and carry on. They know how to dig in and just get things done. 

This works until it doesn’t.

My clients become my clients because they are recognizing that the more they push, the more the symptoms stick around or grow.

They have tried to resolve the issues with different techniques like strengthening what is weak and stretching what is tight. Some got out walking or on the treadmill.  Others have tried meditation, marijuana, massage. All are viable options (when used appropriately), and they might work – until they don’t.

This is where I come in. I help those people who have tried a bunch of things and they are not feeling any better. They find themselves in a cyclical pattern and are tired of feeling the way they do.

There is a way out – it starts with awareness and getting clear on what is working and what isn’t working. With clarity you can be more accurate with the intervention you are using and you can be clearer on if it is working or not while you are actually doing it. You will improve your neuro-muscular feedback systems, your nervous system will quiet down, your muscular system will better respond.

Rather than just throwing a solution at a problem and hoping it will work, you can be more specific and more accurate. You can choose more effectively.

As a result, you will gain a new level of control and confidence. No longer will you feel the need to  push, or brace against the pain, strain or flare. You’ll use your ambition and drive in a way that is constructive and not destructive.

This enables you to more focused and more at ease with those around you. You will be more connected, have better community and are able to do more – with awareness, groundedness and grace.

What others have said:

I used to think that the symptoms were getting in the way of my life, that they were dragging me down. Now I realize they are indicators telling me where my sweet spot is for energy output. My energy is more consistent, and  I can get  more done in a day without feeling exhausted. I wouldn’t have used this word before, but I am much more grounded. There is truth in “when I listen to my body when it whispers, I no longer need to hear it scream.” – Derek, CEO

Who am I?

I am Susi Hately, B.Sc Kinesology, C-IAYT Yoga therapist, best selling author, trainer of health care professionals and yoga teachers who want to use yoga as a therapeutic modality.  I work with entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives who are struggling with stress, pain or autoimmune flares. I have had two of my yoga programs (Cancer Recovery and Idiopathic Pulminary Fibrosis) studied at the University of Calgary.

Over the past 25 years, I have taught people about how their body moves, how to pay attention to their compensatory strategies and how to get quiet enough to hear the inner cues. I have seen them transform the belief that their body is decrepit and failing them to one of trying to get their attention and giving them the indicators for how to use and allocate their energy. As a result, not only does their body change – the ease, strength and resilience carries over into their rest of their life.

What others have said:

Prior to meeting you, I had been on a 2 year search attempting to get pain relief and relief from a basket of symptoms that I was having at the time. My journey included homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic medicine, 2 visits to 2 general practitioners, visits to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, and visits to approximately 12 medical specialists. Although the above treatments are good for some people and various illnesses, I did not make progress until I met you.

Within 12 weeks, I have found the following results: prior to meeting you I was pain free 1 day per week. I am now pain free approximately 5 days per week; upon doing yoga, I am pain free immediately afterwards, I had suffered intermittent lower back pain since 1979. Since meeting you, most of that pain has dissipated and has only reoccurred once; you have taught me how to relax in my office when I am surrounded by panic, turmoil and everyday disputes and stress that occurs in “normal business”. My body no longer feels like a clenched fist; I sleep better at nights with less interruptions or awakenings; my fatigue has disappeared.”  – Brad

The Program

5 weeks beginning May 7 and ending June 9. 


Week 1: A Fresh Outlook on Healing: See that healing is possible, bust up commonly held beliefs that are actually myths. You’ll understand that how you move and how you breathe has an impact on how you feel and how quickly you heal.

Week 2: Decoding Your Body’s Language: The nature of pain, the language of symptoms. How to listen to your body so that you know when to transition from the physical therapy clinic and into to more regular exercise. Truly know when to push and when to rest for optimal healing and avoid cyclical patterns of symptom onset.

Week 3: The Exponential Path of Progress: Without this knowledge, most people fall back into a cyclical pattern of symptoms, and become resigned to “this is what life is”. There is another way though – which can enable consistent and ongoing recovery.

Week 4: Momentum: As you gain more and more awareness you will have less fight with your body and more flow. Your brain will be clear, and you will feel a greater sense of lightness.

Week 5: Next Steps: Integration and ongoing gains – this week we bring it all together

What is included:
  • access to all material including yoga techniques, breathing and meditation practices on a private member’s website for 1 year.
  • a discussion forum. I’ll be on this forum each day M-F.
  • twice weekly – 1 hour calls every week of the program via Zoom Meeting on Tuesdays (6 pm mountain) and Saturdays (11 am mountain) where I will teach more concepts and answer questions. These live calls will be recorded and then posted onto your private member’s website.

What Others Have Said:

Yoga helped me through a serious health situation and now has begun to add such positive dimensions to my life that I can’t help but recommend it to you. It was a struggle to find a qualified teacher who worked with medical concerns, knew their stuff with Yoga, but also cared about each student in order that the benefits to me were maximized. I hope this note will save you that search when I highly recommend Susi to you. She is nothing short of a gem in my books.”
– Christopher

Possible Outcomes When You Do This Work

Here are some of the kinds of transformations that can happen:
  • exhaustion reduces as more restorative sleep occurs
  • a settled down nervous system
  • more consistent energy levels
  • more calm, more clarity
  • less wired
  • less pain, less strain, less tension
  • better posture
  • easier breathing
  • less flairs due to psorasis, multiple sclerosis, or rheumatoid arthritis
  • faster recovery from surgery without having to force movement
  • better management of chemotherapy and other cancer related intervention
  • improved diastasis and postpartum recovery
  • better sports results – faster running, cycling, longer ski days, less pain in yoga class, quicker gains when lifting weights

What others have said:

Susi is an exceptional coach.  If you want to work with one of the best, if you want to work with someone who really wants you to succeed, if you want to work with someone who truly walks the walk and talks the talk, work with Susi. She really knows what she is doing. – Loreen


Option 1 – Pay Up Front and Save: $437 (plus applicable taxes for Canadians) –

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Option 2: Pay in 4 Installments for $125 per month (plus applicable taxes for Canadians) –

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(you will be connected with Rose to set up your payment plan)

Refunds – For over twenty years, I have seen excellent results with clients who work with me and put in the time to do the work. I also know that this approach is not for everyone, and people know pretty quickly if slowing down and becoming aware is the approach for them. So, if in the first week you do not feel this is will work for you, we will give you a full 100% refund, no questions asked. Just be sure to email before the end of week 1.

What others have said:

Do you know what a good day feels like? A REALLY good day where you’re being silly and joyful and light with your kids and your spouse? If you want lots more of those, then Susi is your girl. Commit to challenging your body, mind and soul with a new way. . . there is so much ease and way less effort once the new way becomes the trusted way. ~ Rachel

Is this for you?

This is for you if you know that healing is possible and that intuitively know that something is up. You are ready to slow down and ready to stop pushing symptoms aside in the spirit of mind over matter. You already recognize that the more you push, the more the symptoms stick around or grow. You also recognize that your greatest strengths can also be weaknesses that drain you. When you don’t lead with them properly you may do more harm then good. You are ready for some usable techniques and tools to change, harness and channel your strengths effectively.

This is not for you if you don’t think change is possible. You will not enjoy this process if you are seeking a template to “fix” your situation. This program requires you to commit to practicing the concepts that are taught and devoting the necessary time. Not much time, but a committed time period nonetheless. If your schedule is packed from morning to night, this may not be the right fit at this moment.

How to Enroll

I am looking so forward to working with you. All you need to do is choose your option below.

  • 5 weeks of training and contact with me.
  • twice weekly calls to learn more concepts and get questions answered
  • a discussion forum where you can connect with a supportive tribe. I will answer questions on this forum.
  • unlimited access to all material including yoga techniques, breathing and meditation practices on our private member’s website for 1 year.

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(you will be connected with Rose to set up your payment plan)


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be online at a specific time?
You have access to me for the full 5 weeks of the program (May 7-June 9). All calls are recorded and posted shortly after they occur. You will have access to the site for a full year.

What time are the calls?
The calls occur via Zoom meeting and are Tuesdays at 6:00 pm (mountain time) and Saturdays at 11:00 am (mountain time). I have a global client base and I want to be sure, no matter where you live, you have the opportunity to connect with me. If you are unable to make the calls – don’t worry – they are recorded and will be posted to the private member’s site.

How much time do I need to practice?
That answer depends on your life. I have students who will say to me, “Susi, I need a 1-hour yoga practice and I need to do it every day”. To which I respond, “do you have the time?” The answer is often no. People often start with 5 or 10 minutes and the practice grows from there.

What time of day should I practice?
That answer builds upon the one above.  Time of day all depends on what works in your world. Some people start in the morning, others before bed, others close their door at work (if they have a door) and do it there.

Do I need to practice every day?
I want to set you up for success, since success builds on success. If you say, “I am going to practice daily”, and then miss tomorrow, you have already failed. As an alternative, look at your schedule and see what is really viable. Then commit to that. Commit to keeping it easy, doable and things will change.

What if I still have questions?
Send us an email through our support form and Rose or I will be in touch.