Susi’s Healing Model

So glad you are here!!

Enjoy my interactive and integrative healing model. It is SO.MUCH.FUN!

We have all had the experience working with a health care professional who treated us like a … number. Or a piece of meat. Or the diagnosis. Everything BUT as a human being.

And to make matters worse, all health professionals know that all conditions or diagnoses are expressed differently in each person. This being human is what makes the distinction. And yet, so few are actually trained how to be with their patient/client.  This leads to a “power over”- authority dynamic rather than a “power with”- collaborative dynamic.

My Model of Healing changes all of that.

For the health professional – It takes the very best of your profession and makes it better. By being collaborative, meeting people where they are at you get so much more data and become so much clearer on how to help them and in turn help them become clearer on what they need. Bottom line, you help them become their own very best teacher.

For the client or patient – It enables you to honour you. It enables you to advocate for you. By learning how to become aware of what you are feeling and how a treatment process or exercise program is working for you, you can give more data to your health team. In turn they can interpret that data and be even more helpful with what they offer as an intervention. And you improve faster.

It is a great collaboration and everyone wins. Better outcomes for the professional and for the client/patient.

Enjoy the listen.


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