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  • Want to make a bigger difference in the lives of your clients or experience deeper therapeutic benefits from your own practice?
  • ​Get out of pain and back to enjoying life with a mind-body
    approach to movement that blends bio-mechanics and yoga.

  • ​Join Susi in her online studio for video training, expert interviews, and personalized coaching to build a practice of awareness and explore movement as a powerful source of healing.

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​A yoga therapist in your

Get the clarity and confidence you need to correctly apply and cue yoga poses anytime, anywhere! Whether you want to get more consistent results for your clients or bring more meaning to your personal practice, Susi’s Resource Library is your go-to online resource for moving out of pain and into presence, so you have the power to heal - and the ability to teach others how to heal themselves.


Instant access to over 200 hours of video training

​Susi’s step-by-step demos show you how to apply anatomical and biomechanical principles to yoga in a more intuitive and personalized way with your clients or in your own practice. Susi explores mind-body practices and simple breakdowns of yoga poses in each 5-10 minute video, showing you what to look for, where the body is compensating, and how to move better without blowing past yellow lights or silencing the body’s whispers.

​Watch Training Videos on Topics Like:


Yoga techniques and sequences for all abilities

​Want to explore your body’s capabilities beyond “pull your knees to your navel”? Feel like you’re only giving your clients a temporary fix for their pain? We all embody our limitations or injuries in unique ways, which is why the path to healing is different for everyone. Deepen your understanding of movement and learn how to tune into the body’s feedback, so you can create real and lasting results for you or your clients.

​Personalized coaching on our live monthly calls

​Every month, Susi holds ​​2 live training calls that give you the opportunity to get personalized feedback or benefit from watching her coach other members of the group. Submit video of yourself moving or teaching a client to get Susi’s eyes on your techniques and suggestions for how to improve them. Can’t make it live? No worries! Every call is recorded and available to watch in the resource library.

Pick Susi’s brain when you need extra support

​Wondering what modifications you can offer to a client with C-section scars? Dealing with pesky wrist pain during side plank or feel your hips locking up during your practice thanks to an old injury? When you feel unsure, don’t stay stuck! Post your questions in the “Ask Susi” forum ​and get Susi's answer  ​that’s tailored to your unique situation, on the next teaching call.

​Plus new trainings every month

​Stay on top of the latest industry research and learn how to apply advanced techniques in your own practice with our monthly ​modules. Some of our feature topics include Breathing & Pranayama, Concussion, TMJ, Cancer Recovery, Osteoporosis, Depression, and Anxiety - with new ones being added monthly! Each monthly module will include a 1 hour teaching all.

You’ll Feel Right At Home In This Community If…

​you are a teacher who wants to...

  • ​Throw out the templates and be present with your clients, so you can meet them where they’re at in the moment and clearly see what they need from you to make progress
  • ​Bridge gaps in your knowledge and elevate your confidence and credibility as a teacher, so you can get your clients consistent results that inspire lasting transformations
  • ​Use more effective cues when teaching yoga and customize the client experience for different abilities and chronic conditions like back pain, SI joint dysfunction, osteoporosis, and more
  • ​Develop a better understanding of human anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology, specifically as it applies to yoga, so you can be more observant of your students and serve their needs at a higher level
  • ​Refine your eye and enhance your knowledge of bio-mechanics, so you can see how structures and muscles are moving in the body during yoga - and what it looks like when something isn’t working


  • ​Get a little less fluff in your yoga practice and a little more therapeutic benefit out of it, so you can move with more ease, strength and stamina - no matter your injuries or limitations
  • ​Recognize when your body is trying to “talk to you” and send you important cues, so when all that internal and external discomfort comes up, you can process it better
  • ​Build trust and confidence in your body’s ability to heal, so pain doesn’t get in the way of the life you want to live or the activities you love to do

Meet Susi, Your Instructor

For 25 years, I’ve been the bridge between the medical world and yoga – helping people reduce pain, autoimmune flares, migraines and sleep disorders, thaw frozen shoulders, and manage the impacts of medical treatment processes.

I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for helping someone heal or overcome pain. Truly. There are simply patterns to see and yoga techniques to accurately apply.

​When you look at it that way, healing is really just a practice of awareness and connection.

​I combine my B.Sc. Kinesiology with my practical understanding of movement, breath and stillness to identify compensatory movement strategies and help others move better.

You wouldn’t believe the power you have to heal yourself on a physical and energetic level if your nervous system is in a relaxed state. And inside my online studio, I help you get to that place - or show you how to guide your clients there.

I’ve synthesized my 25+ years of knowledge, training, and hands-on experience to create practical content for this resource library that can benefit yoga teachers and students of all abilities and backgrounds.

​Your Membership Includes:

  • ​Instant access to over 200 hours of video training to help you and your clients really understand HOW to move and to create a mindful practice that inspires healing, eases pain, and improves range of motion and activity levels
  • Movement sequences to use in your classes or personal practice that are rooted in bio-mechanical science and offer deeper therapeutic benefits
  • Direct access to Susi in our members-only forum and on our live coaching calls to get your questions answered when you need extra support
  • ​New monthly trainings and guest expert interviews to keep you in the know of industry trends and how you can apply them intuitively in your own practice
  • ​Bi-weekly coaching calls to connect with Susi live and get better results for you or your clients with personalized feedback and member video reviews

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​“I check in with Susi's Resource Library almost daily...It's my go-to resource if I need some clarification about a certain pose or body issues and how to resolve them.”


​“Not only are the videos relevant to my own personal practice and my work with others, but Susi does a great job responding to the questions that are asked. I also really like that the videos are short enough to weave them into my already full days, yet have substance to make them meaningful.”

​- Carolyn

​“Being able to watch the video and really see the movement as Susi's talking about it and describing what she's looking for and what she's seeing - as well as what she's doing - is extremely helpful to me.”

- ​Julie

​“Susi's Resource Library helps me deepen my understanding, so I can help people move better and then move them out of pain."

- Dawn

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