Susi’s Sampler

These videos are a sampler resource for helping you move better, breathe better, and become more quiet. 

You’ll see how your body is a barometer, and when you can listen to the whispers of your body, you won’t have to hear them scream.

Let’s reduce and eradicate symptoms, let’s feel better, let’s get rid of pain.

Want to join me for a yoga practice?

Here is some twisting, some standing, and a little bit of backbending. 
This is a little breathing - soft gaze, reverse breathing, A short settling practice to wind down.
No props needed except for whatever you need in sitting. A little bit of breathing and a little bit of moving. If you are feeling a bit frozen in fear or concern or worry, let’s recognize it and give it an opportunity to move.

Today is about improving your running or walking. Even if in isolation/sheltering/distancing you are walking or running around your house or apartment. This practice starts with a little anatomy gem about the pelvis.
You’ll need a strap, 2 tennis balls, and a chair
Here is a great passive movement and self massage so that you enjoy your run and your feet feel great.