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Welcome to the Yogi Business Program Application Form

You are here because you:

– have a deep and rooted understanding that you are not on this earth taking up square footage.
– know you are here at this time on purpose.
– have a desire to deeply serve those you teach, and you want to reach many more people than you currently are
– want to make more money doing what you love

Here is the thing:

** You are already working a lot. You aren’t sure just how you can double your income without going crazy.
** And yet, you know at a deeper level that “calm busy” is within reach.
** You want more “calm busy” and less “chaotic busy”.
** You are ready to commit to change.

The Yogi Business Program is more than just building a business that makes money. It is about nurturing your client, and nurturing yourself.

• When you build a business that honours you and your vision, you will find that marketing becomes very authentic. In fact, it won’t even feel like it is marketing. Clients come from word of mouth, from other referrals. You become a trusted professional.

• When you build a business that serves the people you really want to work with, a “functional synergy” is created. You are offering what you are best at, and they are getting the results they really want.

• The real power of this is the co-creative. : (i) your clients will purchase more, (ii) they will return for more (iii) they will share what you are up to with friends and colleagues. Your focus will be less on marketing, and more on being great with your clients.

Who this is perfect for:

• You are a yoga teacher or yoga therapist. You see all these marketing fads and you’re not really sure they are for you. They seem so . . . . “not you”.

• You want to make more money and you find yourself sometimes struggling to find clients.

• You are creative, inspired and innovative and you love to solve problems. And yet, how do you merge your authentic self and the business world?

• You don’t believe what you hear in the yoga world about not being able to make a living (because it isn’t true).

What you can expect from me

I will share my experience of running my business over the past 20 years, as well as the stories of teachers I have trained who have reduced the amount they have worked, paid down debt and  doubled their income during the yogi business program, and year after year following. These aren’t uncommon stories.

Each time it had to do with slowing down to speed up.

I’ve run my yogi business program since 2009.

Now that I am a mom to a set of young twins who are not yet 15 months, my time, and my life are very different. And, I continue to grow. It is possible to run a business and be a parent to little ones – it takes some structure and it can be done.

You and Me?

Each year, I  teach yogi business training to a handful of yoga teachers. Some work 1:1 with me, others work online


If you are really ready to go, please answer the following questions and I will be in touch to have a conversation to get you closer to your dream.

Here’s to a great rest of the year, to a business and a life you love.