The Power of Pure Movement:
The Quadratus Lumborum


Quadratus Lumborum (QL) Pain Is frustrating

If you’ve been dealing with chronic Quadratus Lumborum pain, you know how frustrating it can be. 

Maybe it’s a deep ache in your lower back... or a sharp, stabbing pain in your hips or pelvis.

No matter how it’s showing up, despite all of your best efforts at healing it, the pain just won’t go away. 

And it’s making regular activity –- such as standing, walking, picking up the kids, yoga practice, playing basketball, weightlifting, or skiing – incredibly annoying and exhausting.

..... Not to mention the fact that relaxing or resting has become very difficult for you and rolling over in bed is an exercise in torture.


You’ve stretched your QL 12 different ways. You’ve strengthened your core. You've watched countless QL videos on YouTube and faithfully done all of the exercises.

You've read about the relationship between your inner and outer core, your adductors and piriformis, your glutes and obliques. You've stretched what you have been told is tight, and strengthened what is weak.  

And you do feel stronger . . . in some ways. But any release you experience from the pain is only temporary. The longterm healing you seek remains stubbornly elusive.

Are You doomed to suffer this pain for the rest of your life? 

The short answer is no. But here’s the thing about your Quadratus Lumborum…

It is an incredible compensator! Your QL will pick up the slack from other areas of the body that have developed poor function (whether from injury or day-to-day living) and aren’t performing the way they’re supposed to.

The QL can hike a hip, fix the ribs, hold a side bend or extend the spine.  This way of compensation "helps" for a short time, and makes it easier for you to live your life.  

… But it forces the QL to do a job that it wasn’t designed to do. 

Over time, if the actual issue isn’t resolved, your QL becomes more fatigued and tighter. Blood flow reduces, trigger points develop, and it begins to feel like a rubber band that got on stretched too far and that snapped. 

THis is where I can help

I have worked with a lot of people over the years who have tried “everything” to resolve their QL pain, without lasting success. To help them – and you, if you find yourself in the same frustrating situation – I have created a 2-hour online program designed to teach you how to heal the root of your QL issues and say goodbye to the pain once and for all.

The Power of Pure Movement:
The Quadratus Lumborum

Understand Your Compensation Patterns

  • Learn about the most common compensation patterns I have seen over my 25 years of helping people recover from QL strain, tightness, pain and spasms.

  • Discover how to identify these compensation patterns in yourself and correct them for better movement. 

  • Learn how to make all the other QL exercises you are doing become more effective.  

  • Discover how to use your massage tools the most effectively for long term change.

understand why your pain is what it is

Some people have one- sided QL pain, others have it on both sides.  You'll understand why that is. 

Discover why your QL pain relief is only temporary and why – when you do any work that requires QL activation (bending forward, working with any load in front, walking, running, jumping and landing) – your QL muscles tighten up again.

2 hours of

and teaching and techniques to improve awareness, mobility, Stability and strength

I will teach you how yoga, when used therapeutically, can help your body’s capabilities and movement patterns. You'll deepen your awareness and understanding and learn how to  tune into your body’s feedback, so you can create real and lasting results for yourself.

Get Life Time ACCESS TO these Resources

These videos will always be available for you, so you can come back and review the teachings whenever you want. You’ll also receive get new lessons and updates as they are added.

this is for you...

  • You have researched your QL issue and have tried a number of exercises, but any relief you’ve experienced is only temporary.
  • You know your shoulders or your hips are related to your pain in some way and suspect your QL issue is related to a compensation pattern. 
  • You believe your QL pain has probably been around for years. You are healthy, but have always had a tight lower back.  
  • You want less fluff and more therapeutic benefit, so you can move with more ease, strength and stamina.
  • You are ready for some usable techniques and tools to change, harness and channel your strengths effectively.

this is not for you...

  • If you don’t think change is possible.
  • If you are not willing to learn or do the exercises. To make a change, you will need to follow the concepts that are taught. It won't take a lot of time, will require a sustained commitment.
  • If your schedule is packed from morning to night, this may not be the right fit at this moment.

I am Susi Hately, Your Instructor

I have a BSC. Kinesiology and have been helping people reduce and eradicate pain for 25 years. I have also been a bridge between the medical world and yoga.  Two of my programs have been studied at the University of Calgary and both showed benefit for supporting people and their wellbeing.

I blend science-based biomechanics and anatomy with the ancient wisdom of yoga to help my clients gain awareness and clarity on what the real problem is.

I have worked with the Olympic Luge and Speed Skating teams, elite-level basketball players, skiers, and runners. My clients are active or have been active but their pain has made their life too constricted – which is why they sought me out. 

A key piece to recovering from pain is becoming aware and getting really clear on what is working and not working.

You need to solve the problem that EXISTS, NOT THE PROBLEM YOU *THINK* EXISTS

I combine my B.Sc. Kinesiology with my practical understanding of movement, breath and stillness to help you to identify compensatory strategies and move in a way that better supports your health and wellbeing.

The Power of Pure Movement:
The Quadratus Lumborum

Online Training

  • Anatomy, Mechanics, Anatomy and Mechanics of the Quadratus Lumborum. You’ll understand what the QL is and how it impacts other regions of your body you are working with.
  • Why the Quadratus Lumborum is the Superhero of Compensation – and how to tell when that compensation is helping or harming you.
  • How to recognize compensation patterns. And what you can do about them.
  • How to retrain your full body so the QL doesn't have to compensate. This is when you will start to feel so much better.
  •  How To Choose The Best Exercises For Yourself   to help you ease pain, improve range of motion stability and strength.

    The movements and exercises include Yoga techniques and tools  that are rooted in biomechanical science and offer deeper therapeutic benefits. I have used these exercises successfully for more than 20 years to help my clients resolve their QL pain. I know they will work for you.

Check Out What Others Are Saying
About Their Quadratus Lumborum Pain...

"My QL had been bugging me for 4 years. After understanding how my QL was compensating for my poor hip movement, and improving my hips, my QL completely relaxed.  The pain was gone, and continues to be gone".

-Sarah, MD

I love Susi's focus for helping people with pain learn how moving their bodies using poor mechanics only leads to further and more chronic conditions."

-Darlene, Physical Therapist

"Susi is an exceptional coach.  If you want to work with one of the best, if you want to work with someone who really wants you to succeed, if you want to work with someone who truly walks the walk and talks the talk, work with Susi. She really knows what she is doing.

- Loreen, Operations Manager

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Get the clarity, confidence, and guidance you need to
help you to reduce and eradicate the pain associated with Quadratus

Lumborum Pain.

We can’t wait to roll out the (yoga) welcome mat for you!

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