Tricks to Get Past Busy Minds


The other day a new client who is a yoga teacher asked me:
Do you have any tricks to get past people’s busy or stressed minds and bring them into their bodies?

Here is part of my response. 

I am not sure if this is a trick per se, but I can tell you the most effective technique that I know of, to help people get past their busy and stressed minds. In fact, it’s the foundation for the magic and mystery that is healing. It is what brings trust, hope, and belief that something is possible.

It is Love.

That’s a super-loaded word with endless interpretations. In this case, by Love I mean sitting with another person, meeting them where they are, being present to them, and listening to what they are saying and not saying. It is not judging that something is wrong and needs to be fixed, but seeing that they are truly whole and have symptoms that are trying to get their attention.

By Love I mean listening in a way that is receptive: it’s understanding that your client has hopes and goals that may have been put aside because of the symptoms and sensations they are experiencing.

By Love I mean that when we are present with another person, when we are not just standing in front of them, but truly being with them, we can see and acknowledge them. We see the light that is unique to them, knowing that the person—the energy that is them—has never been on this planet before and when they are gone, will never be here again. It is understanding that we are not taking up square feet, that we are here at this time on purpose. The fact that they are in your space now, means on some level that they are ready to change.

By Love I mean that our job is to cultivate a healing relationship, a healing space that allows for that change to occur. One where the client can feel that they are being seen. When that happens, when someone feels seen—oh man, that is when change happens.

That’s a long definition of a short word, but it’s the most effective thing I have learned in 25 years of helping people out of pain. It far surpasses understanding anatomy, memorizing exercises, learning motivation techniques and other compliance methods. It is a sweet spot of grace and vulnerability, where you meet the humanity of another (and of yourself); you meet their heart, mind, and soul.

You can’t shortcut your way to this very powerful place. It first takes some work on your own self before you can get here. But when you do, you’ll have become very powerful as a teacher.

In fact, you will become known as a healer who cares and who gets results. More importantly you will have helped someone to move through their busy or stressed mind into a quiet place of feeling—not just of their body, but of the gentle whispers guiding them along to the essence of who they are.

Have fun exploring,

Key Takeaways:

  • Love: the foundation for the magic and mystery that is healing. It is what brings trust, hope, and belief that something is possible.
  • Love is meet another person where they are at, being present, and listening to what they are and are not saying.
  • Love is cultivating a healing relationship with a healing space that allows for changes to occur and without any shortcuts. 

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