Understanding the Mechanics of Movement

Meet our Yoga Therapy Client: Ray is a 58 year old engineer in a high stress, senior management position. He has 3 adult children. In 1993, he ruptured a disc in his neck. He had surgery but this was followed by 8 years of pain where he could barely walk. In his words, “life was over for me”. He met his physiotherapist at the 8 year mark and she did more him in 20 minutes than any treatment over the previous 8 years. After 5 years of working with the physiotherapist, Ray was referred to Susi for an exercise program.

His wish list:

  • to get stronger.
  • to be able to hike again.
  • to be able to “live”.


What he learned that transformed his recovery process:

  • If it hurts – don’t do it.
  • The mechanics of the body. Susi can speak to me in my language as an engineer, she takes apart the basics and puts it together in a very tangible way so that I understand it and can apply it.
  • I understand the what my body is saying, what the sensations mean and what they are telling me.


Meet Ray today:

There was one day a few years ago where I woke up and had no pain, no muscle spasms or cramps. I was finally pain free. I now hike 20 km in the mountains.

Susi solves problems that western medicine can’t solve. Her unique gift is she is able to encourage and make changes when she knows I am ready to make that change. Susi is a pioneer in the areas of movement, longevity and again – she is translating an ancient language of yoga into a language that the western world can understand – and that is global impact.

– Ray