Yoga & Business: Real Stories

Your host: Susi Hately

In this interview I host Josh McGirk and Ele Sale. Josh is from Denver, Colorado and Ele is from Seattle, Washington. Both run profitable yoga therapy businesses. I wanted them to share their stories to counter the widely held belief that it’s not possible to make a living in yoga therapy.

Josh runs a “Healing House” where he has his yoga therapy and massage practice and rents to other tenants who have their own healing practices – massage, acupuncture, yoga therapy etc. Ele runs a mobile yoga therapy business.  Their stories are insightful and full of great ideas and action steps for you to take in building your own yoga therapy business.

This call is for you if you are barely eking out an existence and/or are burning out in the process. There is another way!

This call is also for you, if you are just starting or considering a career in yoga therapy. It is absolutely possible to do so!

Enjoy this recording!

Disclaimer: Both Josh and Ele have completed my Therapeutic Yoga Intensive and my How to Make $50 K As A Yoga Teacher Yogi Business Program. This call is to share stories and illustrate that it is possible to make a living in yoga, and to give you some tried and true principles to help you take your next step in growing your business and making a difference.

If you want more: I will be leading a CIC at the SYTAR conference called: Yoga and Business: They Aren’t Oil and Water. The moderators have told me that it is filling up quickly. If you are going to SYTAR and want to chat with me about your business, consider joining me.

Enjoy the call.