Yoga for the Desk Jockey ™: Riding the Wave of Breath

By Susi Hately, B.Sc. Kinesiology, C-IAYT

If you’re feeling stressed, remember that relief may be just a breath away. The way you breathe can affect whether you become more or less anxious during stressful times. Typically, when stressed, the muscles of the chest and neck become tight causing the breath to become held, or shallow. This limits the oxygen flow through the body and brain, causing more tension and possible headaches, which in turn, can cause more stress.

Here is a way to reverse that cycle:

As you breathe in, imagine the front of your body – chest, belly and pelvis – relaxing, softening. Exhale normally. Continue the cycle for about 2-5 minutes. At the end, notice what you feel. For many, the result has them feeling more centered, more at ease and rejuvenated.



Your body changes from day to day, and you alone know your body best. Please be responsible with it, move with awareness and in a range that doesn’t increase pain.