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You are here because:

  • You are a yoga teacher or health care professional who loves yoga and you want to integrate yoga into the lives of the people you serve.
  • You feel there is a gap in your learning and knowledge and you are hungry for more.
  • You are looking to elevate your confidence and credibility as a teacher.
  • You care deeply about creating a sustainable, profitable business that makes a big difference in the lives of people you serve.


What Participants Say:

I have not even completed the Certification Program, and not only am I out of debt, I have a much better relationship with my husband and my family than I have ever had. I have a stronger support network than I ever thought possible. I work a four day week and am in a place where I choose whom I work with. I am a much better massage therapist, yoga therapist, singer, actor, healer, alchemist than I ever imagined I could be. ~ Josh

The Functional Synergy Certification Program will help you

1. Cultivate your unique gifts and rise to the challenge to be your best:

  • deepening your presence – your presence is such a massively influential component of the healing relationship.
  • building your communication and feedback skills – because how you communicate has impact.
  • become more quiet inside – because this will contribute to your presence and communication/feedback skills.

2. Learn on the leading edge of yoga therapy and develop advanced skills and knowledge to get great and consistent results with clients.

  • grow your toolkit – you will learn new yoga techniques and tools to support someone in getting well again.
  • see the patterns you’ll refine your ability to see patterns of biomechanical inefficiency and poor load transfer, and apply techniques and tools that lead to more functional synergy, more efficient patterns, and better use of body and mind.
  • improve your ability to progress: it’s one thing to help someone get out of pain, it is a whole other thing to support them in sustainable gains.

3. Learn to Lead without depleting your own energy.

  • develop a schedule and grow a profitable business that works for you and supports your best clients.
  • be real about your energy levels and build your support systems.
  • actually do a yoga practice that actually serves you.
  • be “the cook” that eats your own cooking.

What Participants Say:

What also came unexpectedly is a heightened ability to see someone as a whole and to be with them in their state while still connecting to my inner self. There is so much that energetically transpires in a healing space and I’ve come to realize how important it is to be able to be with someone else and with myself at the same time. In a nutshell, training with Susi in its essence is about that. Being present to all of that because that’s how greater healing becomes possible. ~ Carolyn

An Exclusive Opportunity

Every year I work very deeply with a handful of yoga teachers and health professionals who want to build a private base of clients, or they want to integrate yoga into their physical therapy or occupational therapy practices. They train with me for a few key reasons. If you resonate with these, we will likely be a fit for you.

Common characteristics shared by my best clients:

  • recognize that healing is possible.
  • know that templates are a good idea but don’t provide sustainable success. They recognize they must meet their client where they are in order to make the biggest gains.
  • love science and evidence, yet they also recognize the inherent limitations. Just because xx% of people with abc symptoms benefit from a protocol doesn’t indicate that their client with abc symptoms will benefit…do they fall into the xx% or not?
  • know that their own presence is a key ingredient to the healing process, and they believe in “power with” relationships versus “power over”.
  • want a rubber hits the road program which develops their best self, and supports them in growing a business that makes a difference and is profitable.

Your Next Step: The Therapeutic Yoga Intensive

Your next step is to enroll in your professionally designed six-day training experience – The Therapeutic Yoga Intensive. At this Live and In-Person program, I will personally teach you my super successful model for helping people reduce and eradicate symptoms and progress on a path of healing. You will learn this for yourself and how to use it with the clients you work with.

After your in-person experience, you will begin a ninety-day practicum where you will practice your skills on your students. Your practicum will be guided by me, and supported with online live mentoring calls as well as a private members only website with more more lessons and video to support you in your growth and development.

What Participants Say:

You know what a good day feels like? A REALLY good day where you’re being silly and joyful and light with your kids and your spouse? If you want lots more of those, then Susi is your girl. Commit to challenging your body, mind and soul with a new way. It is intense and it is hard – but there is so much ease and way less effort once the new way becomes the trusted way. ~ Rachel

The Power of Presence, Healing and Transformation Awaits

Let my over 20 years experience teaching others how to reduce and eradicate symptoms, and my over 15 years training teachers to do the same support you in moving from being a little (or alot!) doubtful to being confident and capable.

You will learn how to be your own best teacher, how to best teach your clients and how to earn a living doing what you love and making a big difference in the lives of others. You will discover how to coach yourself, how to coach your clients and how to make money doing what you love.

Are you ready?

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