Building Strength:
Using The Power of Pure Movement

To Gain Real Strength with Less Pain and Not More Tension


It's Time to build Strength

You have followed my videos on Facebook or YouTube, or have taken one (or more) of my Power of Pure Movement programs. 


As a result, not only have you reduced tension and/or pain . . . 

You also have more awareness of your tension and holding patterns as well as understanding for where some of it arises from. 

You are becoming more tuned into the messages of your body and you are more in tune with your body's "whispers".

You are also starting to uncover and realize more.  

You now know that having less tension and/or less pain IS possible and you now want to build strength. 



Which exercises are the best?

How much core training should you do?

Do you begin with mobility first then add stability or stability before mobility?

Should you do a 30 day challenge just to get going?

The reality is that all the options that are out there DO work.

And with all that you already know about your body and about improving how you are moving, you KNOW you could start anywhere

But while you have honed your curiosity for how you move, you want some help in making your progress more predictable and sustainable.    

You want some help taking your movement, and your strength to the next level.

It is important to remember that "Strength is Easy" When you approach the process with EAse

To help build a strength program that works for you  - whether doing yoga, using theraband/dumbbells or other workout gear  - remember that "strength is easy". 

You are simply taking the gains in neuromuscular control and coordination that you gained with the fundamentals of pure movement, and adding more load.  

When you do this in a way that builds upon what you already know about your body, remembering the key principle of "listen to the body when it whispers" you create a predictable path to more strength with along with less pain.

Here are 2 examples:

1. When you follow your breath, and move with effort that isn't filled with tension, you build strength that is not filled with tension. 

2. When you exercise without "pushing or forcing through", you build a strength that isn't about forcing through. 

Here it is on a bumper sticker:

When you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream

And . . .  you will get so much stronger  . . .  faster.

How I can Help You   

For the past 30 years, I have been helping people get out of pain and back to the activities they love. When they want to strengthen, I follow a very simple process that helps them continue to:

* combine strengthening with listening to your body. 

* nurturing confidence by teaching anatomy in an embodied, intuitive way.

* focusing on key joint areas in order to make solid progress.

I am Susi Hately, Your instructor

I have a BSC. Kinesiology and have been helping people reduce and eradicate pain for almost 30 years. 

I blend science-based biomechanics and anatomy with the ancient wisdom of yoga to help my clients gain awareness and clarity on how their body is communicating with them.  

This integration of body and mind has enabled be to be a bridge between the medical world and yoga.  Two of my programs have been studied at the University of Calgary (one on cancer recovery and another on idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) and both showed benefit for supporting people and their wellbeing. 

My clients are or have been active and want to get back to being active again - with Olympic Luge and Speed Skating teams, elite-level basketball players, skiers, and runners.

Many sit behind computers, run businesses and are figuring out how to fit in all they want to do in a day.

They have sought me out because they all want to feel better, move better, and just back to the life they want to live.

Dearest Susi,

For the longest time I've been meaning to tell you how totally amazing I think you are. I love your energy and passion and your talent, enthusiasm and eagerness for sharing your wealth of knowledge in such a friendly way. Anyway, just thought you should know. You are a remarkable woman and I'm so glad to have experienced your workshop and continue to look forward to your books and future workshops.

Wishing you health and happiness



Building Strength:
Using The Power of Pure Movement

To Gain Real Strength with Less Pain and Not More Tension 



Your Curriculum INCLUDES:

6 hours of online teaching & techniques:

  • Foundational Stability of the Shoulder and Pelvic Girdles.
  • Body specific parts - Rotator cuff, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, Hip Flexors, QL, Calves, and Feet
  • Nurturing a Responsive Core (and not an Iron Breath Held Core)
  • Progressions - Using Therabands and Dumbbells
  • Exploring Squats and Lunges - The How-To, How Deep Do You Go?
  • Integrating Yoga, Breath, Stillness into this Whole Mix. 
  • EMbodied Anatomy

    You will learn the techniques and tools right along with the anatomy, biomechanics, and kinesiology of the movements. 

    The learning will be through slides and embodied experience so you can uplevel your proprioceptive and interoceptive capabilities.




    Each module builds upon the previous topics with more theory and movement so it's easy to follow along.

    You will be able to deepen your awareness and understanding of your body in movement.


    Like my other programs, you will spend a lot of time moving, feeling, exploring so that you actually build strength and get stronger, in a safe, supported, intelligent and interoceptive way.  

    this is for you...

    • You want to build strength and get stronger , and would like to do it in a way that honours your body.
    • You know intuitively that strength is easy, and you want guidance for building a program that works. 
    • You want to continue to listen to your body, and not push through the early signals of pain or strain.
    • You want to be deliberate in your process, so you can move with more ease, strength and stamina.
    • You are ready for some usable techniques and tools to change, harness and channel your strengths effectively.

    this is not for you...

    • If you would rather push through and build tension and strain.
    • If you are not willing to learn or do the exercises. To make a change, you will need to follow the concepts that are taught. It won't take a lot of time, will require a sustained commitment.
    • If your schedule is packed from morning to night, this may not be the right fit at this moment.

    I am both a yoga teacher and Susi's student. I love Susi's focus on ease and strength. Not only can I do so much more than I imagined, I am able to help my students have the same result.


    Yoga Teacher and Participant

    Building Strength:
    Using The Power of Pure Movement

    To Gain Real Strength with Less Pain and Not More Tension



    "Susi is an exceptional coach.  If you want to work with one of the best, if you want to work with someone who really wants you to succeed, if you want to work with someone who truly walks the walk and talks the talk, work with Susi. She really knows what she is doing.


    Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Operations Manager

    Functional Synergy