About Susi

Welcome! Susi Hately

From the bottom of my heart, welcome. Welcome to my site, welcome to my world. I am delighted you are here. 

I have taught some remarkable executive leaders and health care professionals how to get out of pain and handle a host of other symptoms like autoimmune flares, recovery from cancer treatment and general life burn out. .

I have also trained some pretty remarkable people to become very effective, results oriented yoga therapists who hold such a quiet power. Many of them you won’t see splashing the pages of Instagram or Facebook or doing massive advertising campaigns. They are doing good work because they are really good at what they do. They get referrals for the same reason.

So how is it that I get the results I do?

Here are few things to know about me, and how I train others in my approach to healing and getting well.

  1. I fundamentally believe that healing is possible. People can get well again, no matter the condition.
  2. I love science, research and evidence AND it has its limitations. Evidence is all about xx% of people with abc symptoms benefit from a certain protocol. How do you know if your client is in that xx% that benefited? Do you just through the protocol at the condition and hope and pray it will work? That isn’t really all that efficient – so I don’t support that notion.
  3. Our results exponentially grow with as we become more present. When we as teachers/professionals are present we can see others. This is the start of really seeing what the actual problem is.
  4. By present I don’t mean stage presence, or so focused you can’t see the forest for the trees. What I am talking about is “Being in the Now, and in the Moment” – that really intimate place of connection with another. We have all experienced this with a really good health professional. It is this exact thing I train my trainees to be. It is so darn powerful.
My guiding values include:
  1. Courage. We need to be willing to go there, do the hard things, and say what needs to be said. Healing does require work. Sometimes hard work.
  2. Ownership. No one can do the learning or the work for you. This isn’t a process where you are “done to”. This is you become the leader of yourself, learning to feel, listen and act on the still, quiet voice inside.
  3. Empowerment. The most powerful healing relationships are those which are “power with” – we are in this together versus “power over” – I know more than you do. To be ultra successful as a yoga therapist, work on the former.
So that is all fine and good….What is my background exactly?

Here are the bullet points:

  • I have a B.Sc. in Kinesiology with a focus on Exercise Physiology
  • In my summers during University  (when I wasn’t treeplanting), I worked at the Vancouver General Hospital with Occupational Therapists  (they all were convincing me to become an OT!). I worked with variety of people from those post-op hip surgery to older folks who were living their last days at the hospital.
  • After I graduated I worked at an OT Based Chronic Pain Center for people who had been in Motor Vehicle Accidents and Work Related Accidents.
  • My next job was being an advocate for people who were on long term disability and weren’t getting the rehabilitation programs they needed and were also in the process of being cut off of funding. I helped them get the care they needed and an extension of their benefits.
  • I received my ttp 200 certificate in 1999 from the Yoga Studio in Calgary.  Very quickly I became the teacher in town who worked with people with pain.
  • I did my Yoga Therapy Training in India in 2001.
  • I had my yoga programs studied at the University of Calgary from 2002-2009 – one program using yoga as an adjunct support for recovery from cancer and another for improving quality of life for people with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
  • I published my first book, Anatomy and Asana in 2004. 9 more books and videos would be published from 2004-2009.
  • Anatomy and Asana is used globally for teacher training, along with my online program I Love Anatomy.
  • My yoga therapy certification program began in 2007, and became accredited by the IAYT in 2014.

I train teachers and health professionals in a very unique and simple approach to healing. I like to say that I don’t have a doctor’s scalpel or medications, I don’t have an accupuncturist’s needles or herbs, I don’t have a massage therapist’s or chiropractor’s body work techniques, and I don’t have physical therapists hands/ultrasound/or tens machine.

What I DO have are my heart, my eyes and my brain.  I combine my B.Sc. Kinesiology with my practica understanding of movement, breath and stillness. I can see compensatory movement strategies, and I understand how movement works. The nervous system can catalyze powerful healing when it is in a relaxed, non wired, non tired state. I know how to help someone get to that place. That is what I teach my trainees to do.

If you are interested in my training programs and have questions to ask me, please email us at [email protected]