Yoga Therapy Programs

​​Integrate the therapeutic benefits of yoga into your practice as a health care professional or yo​ga teacher. 

The yoga teachers and health professionals who come to my trainings do so because they feel like there is a gap in their knowledge. Despite their knowledge and expertise, they are struggling with helping their clients who are dealing with pain or injury. Yes, they can help with temporary fixes, however it isn't enough. They are wanting sustainable results, they are wanting to see their clients get out of cyclical patterns of pain .... for good.

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I share my daily yoga practices, tips and suggestions on using yoga for recovery and healing.

2 Hour Trainings:  Bite-Sized Specific Learning.

Looking for something specific?Explore Solutions for Sciatica, Rethinking Core Stability, Quadratus Lumborum

IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Certification Program.

This is Susi's signature Yoga Therapy Certification Program is designed for health professionals and yoga professionals who are looking for more than "yoga for backs".   You know the synergy of mind and body, and you want to take that conversation deeper. You can get the details by - clicking this link

“If you are like me, you have a deep desire to help others get out of pain and move into a more comfortable state of being. You want to help them get back to the life they want to live.”
- Susi