Yoga Therapy Programs

You are a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, or Health Care Professional Who Wants to Integrate Yoga and Biomechanics.

And perhaps, you, yourself also have pain or other issues.

Your results are good, there have been gains, but the gains are not long lasting.

You inherently know that your results could be better, more long lasting and beyond a temporary fix.

You want to help your clients (or yourself) out cyclical patterns of pain... for good.

Three of My Key Governing Values are That:

  1. 1
    Healing is Possible 
  2. 2
    Tissue can Change 
  3. 3
    Where the Pain is, is Not the Problem 

If you resonate with those values, you will enjoy my programs. 

  • 1-2 hour - Bite Sized Biomechanics Trainings
  • 8-10 hour - Your Age Doesn't Matter Programs
  • Ongoing Healing & Revealing Mentorship Program
  • Full IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training
  • Pre-Recorded and LiveStreaming on YouTube/Facebook

When you think of the arm pits, I am guessing the word "power" doesn't come to mind.

(well maybe if there is an odour perhaps... but I digress)

I am serious though. When you look closely at the muscles and fascia that make up the pits, it is remarkable how they impact strength, stability and mobility.

Especially when there is careful and compassionate attention to the unwinding and releasing.

I've been pleasantly surprised at how I could help unwind this area so easily and effectively.

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Truly, tissue can change.

This is so vital for people recovering from breast cancer and breast cancer treatment. 

Particularly those who feel their tissue as really tight and strained, especially around the area of surgery and into the rib cage.

They are often told that that is due to scar tissue and/or radiation, and that the tissue has been impacted by treatment.

This isn't wrong information.

And  . . . with intelligent awareness, and specific movement, you can have a totally different experience.

Your tissue can shift and that tight and strained feeling can resolve. 

Join me in May for Movement, Breath, Stillness, and Ayurveda.

Change is possible. 
Yes, your body can change. 

Details coming soon.  


I began March 11, 2020 - when the world shut down. I looked the sky and asked, "Okay, now what?" And the answer was "Serve. Serve Like You Have Never Served Before." That led to Facebook Live daily yoga classes just after 5 A.M, before my 2 year old twins woke up. 

Within a few weeks people were DM'ing me their stories of reduced and eradicated neck, back, knee, SI, plantar fascia pain. I was a bit gobsmacked but the results were clearly telling me I should continue. Over time I figured out the lights and the audio (the early videos were a bit crappy).  

Now, in 2023, I am getting ready to head back to Live Streaming on YouTube and will leading Wednesday classes at 12 noon MT beginning in April. You can visit and subscribe to my channel on YouTube or follow my page on Facebook.


I love these short courses. From How Not to Wreck Your Hips in Yoga to The Sacred SI Joints to an Updated View on Core Stability to Quadratus Lumborum and Posas these courses are dense. 

I explain the anatomy and physiology. I go through a lot of movements, mechanics and my students ask many questions.  If you practice along with me, you will get more understanding about why pain is persisting for your clients (or for you) and what you can specifically do in your unique circumstance, whether as a person with pain or the professional helping them.

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According to research 70% of what we experience as we age can be reduced or reversed. And, in my own experience working with clients - the older person is, the faster they get better. You read that correctly.  I am delighted to be at the forefront and sharing what is possible for you and/or your clients if they are over 50, 60 or 70.

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One of the key reasons I get the results I do, is that I believe that symptoms are both a problem to solve AND a direct request for us to listen.   Listen to what specifically? To the whispers. Because when we listen to the whispers, we don't have to hear the screams. 

This program is designed for both the health professional as well as the person with pain and walks you through (via 22 videos) how to exactly do this.  You can also connect with me personally on 2-3 monthly calls, or my guest trainers. Your access to this program is forever. Yes,  lifetime access to ongoing mentorship where you can connect regularly with me to grow your skill and get the results. 

Healing & Revealing is currently closed for registration, and will be opening later in 2023


My highly successful IAYT accredited Yoga Therapy program teaches you the two key skills to thrive as a yoga therapist... how to facilitate great results with clients, and how to run a business.

If you are a yoga teacher and/or massage therapist, occupational therapist, or physical therapist who wants to grow their client base with solid therapeutic skills, then you need to sign up.  With an excellent combination of technical skill and business intelligence, this program sets you up for success - before you graduate.  Many of our trainees pay off their fee within 9 months (before they graduate) - and graduate with fully booked case loads..... because they know the two fundamental skills - amazing technical skill, and business intelligence.  You can read more here.  

Susi has proved to be an expert at this skill, which makes collaborations with her very rewarding.

Dave Holmes, BSc.PT, Certified Spinal Manipulation, CAFI (Acupuncture)

To analyze movement takes a combination of formal training in anatomical and biomechanical knowledge, and a solid sense of intuition. While the former is attained though time and diligent practice, the latter is more difficult to master. It requires the practitioner to combine reason with instinct and curiosity. Susi has proved to be an expert at this skill, which makes collaborations with her very rewarding. I can trust her to help my clients find new ways to explore their senses and gain a new connection between the brain, body and spirit. Truly a gifted practitioner and a wonderful person.