Susi is known across North America and Europe for her radically different but more effective way of practicing and teaching yoga therapy. Having trained yoga teachers since 2001, and certifying yoga therapists since 2007, a couple of things have become clear when training yoga teachers:

1. That yoga teachers who understand the following four things will always be as busy as they want to be:

  • how a body moves
  • how a body heals
  • how the brain works with healing
  • how the most important part of recovery is the relationship with the client

2. That Yoga Teachers who blend the technical skills listed above with foundational business principles will not burnout, and will have sustainable and profitable businesses that truly serve their clients.

This is why Susi has designed both therapeutic “technical” skills training, and “business” skills training – so you can both nurture your client as well as nurture yourself.

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“If you are like me, you have a deep desire to help others get out of pain and move into a more comfortable state of being. You want to help them get back to the life they want to live.” Susi