My private practice is separate from my training programs. If you would like to work with me 1:1, please have a read of the following. There is a link at the bottom of the page to contact me to set up a chat. Please read through this first though, to make sure that how I work resonates with how you would like to be helped.

Your Body is a Barometer

People are interested in working with me because they intuitively know that their body is trying to get their attention. No matter the condition, the pain, the injury . . . .they understand that something is up.

This may not have always been the case.  My clients are very logical, smart people who are also intuitive. They can work through problems and come up with solutions easily.  However, now, their body is not bouncing back the way the want it to, they are wondering what is up. 

In the past, when they experienced symptoms, they labelled them an annoyance, an obstacle and (consciously or not) often chose to ignore them in order to get on with their life, in order to accomplish the next thing.  The symptoms then got louder, and more numerous. “Getting on with their life” became more difficult.  They became frustrated, p*ssed of . . . They aren’t the type to become resigned.

They tried to strengthen, they tried improving their core stability, they got on their bike or treadmill. They tried meditation, breathing techniques, and/or mobility training. They tried to reduce their work hours, alter their sleep schedule, and perhaps go on vacation. They changed their diet, reduced their sugar and increased their water intake. They got some relief, a little bit of change . . . but no real change.  Their health care providers may have said that they have to live with it.

They weren’t happy with that advice.

They knew something was up but weren’t quite sure how to access it.  They knew that change was possible, they just weren’t sure how. They wanted to keep and improve their lifestyle. They wanted to feel better.

Working with me

I see symptoms as a language, your body’s innate feedback system telling you when you are doing too much, too little, when it is asking for a change and when to do something differently. If not acted upon – if you push them aside in the spirit of mind over matter – the symptoms tend to grow either in number, or in intensity.  The more you push, the more they grow.

You can see then, how your drive and ambition is contributing to this situation. However, I don’t see this as a negative. My job is to help you rechannel your drive and ambition so you can use it more creatively, constructively and not in the current destructive manner.

When you work with me, you’ll learn that the matter actually matters. I’ll teach you about your biomechanics and the relationship between how you move, how you relax and how and who you are. You’ll recognize where and when you compensate. As you move better, as you relax more easily, you will better hear your symptoms as whispers wanting your attention. As you pay attention and act on the whispers, as your body becomes more efficient, so will you.  In all aspects of your life. With more ease, strength and stamina.

Are you ready?

A few things to know.

  • I work only with a handful of 1:1 clients at any one time, so I may not be immediately available.
  • All of my programs are customized. – ie. how often we meet, through what means (live and/or online), and for what length of time is decided together. However, the minimum commitment is 3 months. I can help you to become aware and reduces symptoms very quickly, and sustainable change requires practice over a period of time.
  • My services do not come cheap. You can find hundreds of yoga teachers and yoga therapists willing to talk with you about yoga and relaxation for a fraction of my fee. Why then do clients keep coming back to me? Because I don’t merely talk about yoga with them. They return because they feel listened to, that I am helping them solve their problem, and they are getting results.
  • My services are not typically covered by insurance.

If you are ready for the next step, if you are ready to have a powerful conversation about your body and your wellbeing, please fill in the form below to start a conversation.

Here is what clients say:

“​Yoga helped me through a serious health situation and now has begun to add such positive dimensions to my life that I can’t help but recommend it to you. It was a struggle to find a qualified teacher who worked with medical concerns, knew their stuff with Yoga, but also cared so that the benefits to me were maximized. I hope this note will save you that search when I highly recommend ​Susi to you. She is nothing short of a gem in my books.” ~ Christopher

“Prior to meeting Susi, I had been on a two year search attempting to get pain relief and relief from a basket of symptoms that I was having at the time. My journey included homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic medicine, two visits with two general practitioners, visits to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, and visits to approximately 12 medical specialists.
Although the above treatments are good for some people and various illnesses, I did not make progress until I met Susi.
Within 12 weeks of weekly appointments with her, I have found that prior to meeting Susi, I was maybe pain-free maybe one day per week. I am now pain-free approximately five days per week. Upon doing yoga, I am pain-free immediately afterwards and have suffered intermittent lower back pain since 1979.
The has taught me how to relax in my office when I am surrounded by panic, turmoil, and everyday disputes and stress that occurs in “normal business.” My body no longer feels like a clenched fist; I sleep better at night with less interruptions or awakenings; my fatigue has disappeared.” ~ Brad

Looking forward to connecting,