Susi has set a new standard in yoga therapy and functional movement therapy. She helps people reduce and eliminate pain, prepare for and recover from surgery, navigate chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, thaw frozen shoulders, as well as manage ongoing treatment processes like radiation and chemotherapy.

By the end of you first session, you understand how your body functions. The movement, performance and lifestyle you initially lost begin to come back. Hope returns. Step by step, you gain ease, stability, strength, and endurance.

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“People continue to inspire me. So often the pain is not where the problem is. By using movement, breath and stillness – and by truly working with (and not against) the body – people begin to understand the contributing factors for why they move or breathe the way they do and how that is or is not contributing to their recovery and healing process. With that awareness they can make very conscious change. They begin to see their body as a barometer of their mind(tm), and with that insight into themselves, their world changes.”  Susi

Why Functional Synergy’s Process Works So Well

  1. Simple and Straightforward. Susi uses time-tested principles of anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics to help you understand how your body is functioning. Her down-to-earth, no hype approach of teaching offers basic tools and concepts that can be easily applied. You won’t find the latest health fad here – just tools and concepts that work.
  2. Holistic. Susi’s process doesn’t treat symptoms. She looks at the integrity of your whole body-mind and how well you are moving, where you are compensating, how you are breathing, what is getting in the way of your experiencing stillness and inner quiet, and any hindrances in your rate of progress.
  3. Principle Based. No one person experiences the same condition the same way, and each person needs to be “seen” for who they are, how they are, and how their condition specifically impacts them. Rehabilitation can often be rigid with certain exercises designed for certain conditions, a set number of reps and sets. It can lead to an almost zealous approach of “right posture” or “right way” of moving. Susi focuses specifically on you.
  4. Brings Focus to “The Gap”. When pain, fatigue, or flares are present, there is often a “gap” between what you think you can do and what are able to do. Susi, very skillfully, helps you become aware of your gap.
  5. Designed to Develop Awareness. Building upon point 4, you can’t change what you aren’t aware of, so there is no point in hammering away at an exercise or technique if you can’t feel or find what it is that you are supposed to be doing. This is one of Susi’s key talents – helping her clients become aware so they can make the necessary changes efficiently and simply. 

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