Healing & Revealing Human Potential

You know that recovery and healing is more than reducing symptoms.  

You know that addressing symptoms is simply the start of the process.

That to truly recover and heal, there is something more.

But you have struggled with this for yourself, and if you are a teacher or health professional, you are wanting new ways to share these concepts with your clients.


What others are saying: 

"I chose to work with Susi bc she gets results, is very good at what she does, is credible, and uses a balanced approach of science and yoga, among other modalities to inform her teaching. Susi is definitely different from any other yoga teacher I have had- which is the very reason I chose to work with her. She is no nonsense and navigates the world differently than I do. This is exactly the reason I chose to work with her. Single handedly this course has made me better and is pushing me in all the right ways to be the best version of myself possible. Susi has made me a better yoga teacher, yoga therapist, student, daughter, partner, friend, and and and.. you get the idea. What I love about this program is that Susi emphasizes that we must do the work on ourselves before we can truly help our clients . She is direct and clear while being very compassionate. It is powerful work and has had a big impact on my work with clients. You WILL earn every penny of it back and MORE." ~ Alë

Deep in your heart, you know . . .

That when it comes to recovery and healing there is a "conversation under the conversation". 

There is the more obvious conversation - the one about symptoms, pain, or strain. 

And then there is the deeper conversation. 


The more meaningful and significant one . . . the one where wisdom resides. 

The one that if listened to . . . is a phenomenal guide for recovery and healing. 

It is the key conversation for enabling yourself (and your clients) to reduce symptoms longer term and more sustainably - whether those symptoms are pain, autoimmune flares, migraines, etc.

But you struggle to do it for yourself.. or you struggle to share it with your clients. What’s been holding you back?  Here’s what we hear when talking to our students:

  • I want to do address this underlying conversation, but I don’t have the language or skills to confidently “go there” all of the time - with myself or my clients. 
  • My clients are afraid of being vulnerable and I’m not sure how to help them overcome that fear.
  • Never mind my clients . . .I am afraid of that vulnerability. But . . .I know, in part that my ability to connect to myself will support my clients connect their own selves.
  • I need to get better at it for myself before I can help my clients do the same.

There is a simple and straightforward way to connect with both yourself and with your clients that deeply serves and supports them in feeling this deeper conversation within


Our process helps you connect to the synergy of your mind and body. 

So you can develop a relationship with the "conversation under the conversation" safely and easily. 

Where you can connect with yourself.

 And tap into deeper, more subtle power that you know exists inside of you.

The Bigger Mystery that is healing and recovery. 

It is a powerful and deep understanding which fosters and nurtures trust - not only for yourself, but also to help your clients do the same.



  • You want to embody the bigger mystery of recovery and healing
  • There has been a “missing piece” to what you’ve studied in the past and you want to achieve a deeper level of understanding 
  • You want to take your skill of working with clients to the next level. You want to see them progress more consistently, and you know hit isn't about another exercise. 
  • You understand the value of learning and practicing to master this beautiful skill


I know how it feels . . .

When I first started going deep into myself it felt so right, so natural, and yet weird. Few people around me talked about it, and those who did, it was mostly in vague fuzziness like, "listen to your body". Then, with time and practice, I gained the skill,  found the confidence and was able to articulate the cues and instructions to help my students do the same. 

As healers, we how the mind and body support each other and that their connection is essential for consistent progress in recovery and healing. 

But sometimes it can feel "out of scope" to go there.

Even for me, as a yoga teacher, with a B.Sc. Kinesiology,  it felt  "beyond my expertise."

And yet, it was so obvious how the two impacted each other, and how they impacted the healing trajectory.  I was compelled to find a way to "stay in scope" and "within my expertise."

Because, by not addressing it,  people were held back in their recovery process. 

Over time,  I figured out how to talk and address this in synergistic way,  a way that  honoured both my "woo" and my "science" mind.


Here’s the thing.

I quickly learned there’s no “one template" that can be followed to bring this sacred practice into each client’s experience with you.  

I also learned very quickly that I needed to practice, cultivate and nurture the synergy in myself, first. 

I had to demonstrate being an example of what was possible as a foundational step to teaching another how to cultivate and nurture the synergy in themselves.  

Over time, I was able to uncover a process that integrates mind, body, thought, thought, emotion and movement in a way that will give my students the way forward with all of their clients.

This is "the conversation under the conversation". 

Susi Hately

If this sounds like something you’ve been waiting for . . .
Join me in
Healing & Revealing Human Potential

and learn the effortless process to take your client past the symptom and into the key foundational roots.

Take Power Back
Align To Your Inner Self 

Your clients (and you!) will learn to own and not abdicate their power to others who are not open to seeing the full picture

Combine "woo" and science
A rare combination of Science and “Woo” - 
Susi expertly weaves together the objective & subjective sides of healing so you are equipped to serve your client in the most powerful way



  • Keen to go deeply into yourself
  • A medical practitioner, allied health professional, yoga teacher, yoga therapist
  • Not necessarily looking to become certified, just someone who wants to learn more

Healing & Revealing Human Potential 

This program provides you everything you need to take your mind body connection to a deeper level, and to support your helping your clients go deeper too:


  • 20 + videos with a downloadable and printable workbook 
  • Live teaching/coaching sessions 2-3 times per month, will be recorded and will be accessible on the Healing & Revealing private podcast so you can download all teaching/coaching call recordings to listen on the go
  • Expert Guests for both the Medical and Yoga modalities - scroll down for who is coming up!
  • Susi’s Resource Library –All of the original content and Susi's signature programs
  • Explorations throughout the year to keep you engaged and connected to yourself
  • Forever access to all materials , updates and everything.  One fee.

Life Time Access


What others are saying: 

"Susi has succeeded in transforming modern pain psychology into something more human. As a kinesiologist, she has deep fluency using movement as a therapeutic tool; however, any practitioner knows that true healing requires more than just the rigid application of a bio-medical model. Susi’s technique uses movement as an “in” to the complex interplay between the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of pain. As a doctor with a growing interest in Integrative Medicine, her teachings have been particularly helpful in managing patients suffering from pain and chronic disease." ~ Jennifer Ireland, MD

Healing and REvealing Human potential 

Healing And Revealing Human Potential isn’t about managing symptoms or telling you which template to follow.  

It’s about reconnecting your mind and body using new principles based on Love, Connection, Compassion and Courage.  

There are four parts to it. You need to know how to:

1 - Build Sacred Relationship with your body, your mind and the clients who you teach. 

2 - Nurture Safety and Ease to create the relaxed and rested states that are fundamental for recovery and healing

3 - Know How to Problem Solve  so you can decode symptoms  and have less fight with your body and more energy and vitality.

4 - Be In Your Own Breakthrough and be an example of that recovery and healing are possible.

These 4 steps will give you simple, straightforward strategies that you can implement right away.

And they are designed to support you in truly feeling at ease with yourself and your clients, knowing that your teaching is part of a sacred and meaningful process.

You are someone who has a burning desire to heal and help. You are ready to uplevel your skills.  

Let me help.

In Healing & Revealing Human Potential, you will grow personally AND be a beacon to others who need this work more than they even realize.

Here is how it breaks down:

  • 20 + bite-size videos
  • Printable workbook + worksheets
  • 2-3  live teaching/coaching calls per month
  • Access to the Healing and Revealing Human Potential private podcast so you can download all teaching call recordings to listen on the go
  • Awesome Guest Trainers - Including Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and Mona Warner
  • You get to stay in the community and keep all assets that get created in the future… forever.
  • Plus some exclusive gifts!

I can't wait to see you inside and start Healing & Revealing Human Potential with you!

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