Eradicating Pain Has Many Moving Parts,

But It Doesn't Have to Be Complicated, Nor Complex

And You, being analytical and intuitive, fundamentally know this to be true.

Honouring and Cultivating YOUR Deep Knowing

Over more than 25 years of teaching clients and training health professionals, there is one common characteristic amongst them all . . . 

The ones who successfully quieted their mind and then connected and listened to their body, were the ones who got better the fastest.

They were able to recognize the power of thought (in both its positive and negative attributes), as well as the mental clutter that can build up over time.   

And when they cleaned up that mental clutter they could more clearly connect with their body.

With this connection of brain and body, they were able to tune into their inner wisdom, the inner authority that is wholly their own.

And with that connection they created and continue to create some amazing results.

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Are you looking for professional yoga therapy certification?

My IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Certification program trains yoga teachers and health professionals how to integrate yoga therapeutically into their practices in a meaningful and significant way.  So not only do they build a sustainable client base, they do so in a very unique way - one where that depletion is optional, rest is deliberate and success is inevitable.  

Transforming modern pain psychology into something more human

Jennifer Ireland,
Medical Doctor

Susi has succeeded in transforming modern pain psychology into something more human. As a kinesiologist, she has deep fluency using movement as a therapeutic tool; however, any practitioner knows that true healing requires more than just the rigid application of a bio-medical model. Susi’s technique uses movement as an “in” to the complex interplay between the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of pain. As a doctor with a growing interest in Integrative Medicine, her teachings have been particularly helpful in managing patients suffering from pain and chronic disease.

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