Private Sessions

Susi first started designing therapeutic programs in 1993. Since then, she has worked with injured people in traditional rehabilitation settings; worked privately in her home studio; helped desk jockeys overcome repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain; designed a 7 week yoga therapy protocol for people recovering from cancer and cancer treatment, and co-authored a research paper on Yoga Therapy and Cancer Recovery. 

In all those years since 1993, a couple things have become clear:

  1. That people with injuries, illness and those who are managing treatment processes intuitively know there is a way to heal that doesn’t involve 3-6 (or more) pills a day, however, they aren’t sure where to find the solutions to ease their pain and strain or the aggravation that comes from systemic conditions. Because of that, they just settle with “living with the pain or aggravation”.
  2. That reducing or eliminating pain will occur when the following key factors are honoured:
  • how a body moves
  • how a body heals
  • how the brain works with healing

From my world to yours

I love yoga. I think it is one of the best forms of movement and therapy available. The only trouble is that many of the yoga poses taught in group classes are “out of reach” for many people with pain, injury or illness, and most yoga teachers leading group yoga classes aren’t trained to work with people who have illness, injury or pain. I have helped thousands of people get well, and move onto a life that is full of activity without pain. I can say with confidence that yes, it is possible to reduce or eliminate your pain/aggravation.


“Often pain manifests itself in an area of the body like a sore ankle, a stiff hip or chronic back pain, and yet, this is not the source of the problem it is merely the expression of the problem. The real problem is usually found in another area of the body, which is why general exercise, strength training, stretching or even core work may not be giving you the relief you are needing.” — Susi