Older Adult – Better Balance 2.0


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In Better Balance 2.0, you will learn about 5 key issues that contribute to a loss of balance and key exercises and techniques to improve and maintain balance.


Who It Is For

The training is for:

  • The active 50, 60, or 70 year old who wants to improve their balance and their yoga
  • The Yoga and Health Care Professional who wants to teach others how to improve their balance.


What You Will Learn

You will learn five key issues that contribute to balance, especially with age:

  1. Vestibular – orientation and spatial issues
  2. Visual – how signals are sent from the eye muscles to the balance organs in the inner ear
  3. Dual Task – the ability to perform 2 tasks simultaneously – like cognitive and motor tasks
  4. Motor Control and Coordination – how improved neuromuscular connection improves the coordination of the nervous and myofascial systems working together.
  5. Deliberate Rest – how powerful relaxation, rest, and down-regulating the nervous system are to all of the above occurring smoothly and easily.


You will explore evidence-based screening tools to assess these issues, as well as exercises and sequences to help improve your (and your student’s competency) in all of them, and in turn help them improve their balance.

You will learn the WHY behind each of the sequences, and how to provide modifications and substitutions.

For teachers – you’ll gain inspiration and ideas, a literature review, class suggestions, and confidence to work 1:1 and in small groups with your older adult clients.


Course Format

  • You will receive 8 weeks of lessons and videos sent each week to your inbox
  • 2 live training calls in October and November for more detail and to get questions answered.
  • We begin October 12 and complete December 3, and you will have forever access to the material and any and all future updates


Pricing details

This fall’s pricing is $299 until September 30. On October 1, regular pricing is $397.

Payment plans are available. Email us for details.

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