2-Hour: Core Stability


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*Misconceptions of Core Training That Can Leave You Stuck

  1. What the evidence reveals about the core and core training.
  2. The misconception of "good core" and "good core exercises".
  3. The misconception of "I have good core, it’s my back that is the problem", and why back pain is a clear sign of a sub-optimal core.
  4. The confusion of "women who were runners before they were pregnant can get back running 3 months postpartum." And why so many moms hurt themselves when they start running too soon after delivery.

* ​​Effective Core Training That Can Grow Your Capacity for Success

1. The reality of effective core exercises: How to optimally train your core for the activities you love.

2.  A key secret to understanding your core.

3. The relationship of your breath to an optimized core.

* For the yoga teacher

1. “Cueing” the core:  Tips and tricks to help you and your students "get the core" and kinesthetically feel their way to building embodied core stability.  


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