2-Hour: How Not To Wreck Your Hips in Yoga


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Did You Know? The Most Common Yoga Injuries are in or related to the hips. 

​​​Many yoga classes speak about the benefits of “hip opening” and “better hip function”.

Yet surprisingly, the most common injuries in yoga are related to the hips – back pain, QL (quadratus lumborum) issues, piriformis syndrome, labrum tears, SI Joint and knee issues, and more. 

This begs the question – what are we actually doing in​ yoga?

It is a mind boggling,
 ​to consider the number of yoga teachers who have tension, tightness, aches or pain in their hips and shrug their shoulders and say, “that’s just the way it is”.

But that’s not true. There is another way.

You can love yoga and save your hips!

With This Training You Will Learn:

  • The huge structural role your hips play in how you move. ​​

    • Learn about the key role of your hips and how ​typical yoga ​teaching practices tend to make things worse with your hips – as well as simple tweaks to make the practice work much more effectively. 

  • ​​How to use your cues effectively.​

    • Learn how to communicate with your students so that they improve their hip function, reduce pain, and enjoy the practice.

  • Simple ways to build strength and improve hip function. 

    • Discover how to improve your students’ awareness, stability, strength, and hip function (as well as your own) while honouring the principles of yoga. 

This Training Includes:

  • 120 minute webinar

  • a walk-through of key yoga poses – including triangle, halfmoon and warrior 1, and warrior 2 – and Susi will show not only where those poses break down, but how to use them correctly to build yourself up.

  • life-time access to all resource

See you on the inside!!

xo Susi

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