2-Hour: The Power of Pure Movement: The Psoas




Online Training Includes:
Anatomy, Mechanics, Anatomy and Mechanics of the Psoas. 
You’ll understand what the Psoas is and how it impacts other regions of your body you are working with and how other regions impact it.
The Subtle, Sacred and Powerful Nature of the Psoas. 
No other myofascial structure is quite like the psoas. You’ll learn why and how this is important for your recovery. 
Why the Psoas is the Queen of Compensation 
and how to tell when that compensation is helping or harming you.
How to recognize compensation patterns. 
And what you can do about them. 
How to retrain your full body so the Psoas doesn’t have to compensate. 
This is when you will start to feel so much better.
How To Choose The Best Exercises For Yourself  
to help you ease pain, and feel taller, lighter, and more free. 

Training Details
You’ll get a direct link to the recording of this traininig.

Understand Your Compensation Patterns
Learn about the most common compensation patterns I have seen over my 25 years of helping people recover from Psoas issues.  
Discover how to identify these compensation patterns in yourself and correct them for better movement.  
Learn how to make all the other Psoas exercises you are doing become more effective.  
Discover how to use your massage tools the most effectively for long term change.

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2 Hours of Teaching and Techniques to Improve Awareness, Mobility, Stability, and Strength
I will teach you how yoga, when used therapeutically, can help your body’s capabilities and movement patterns. You’ll deepen your awareness and understanding and learn how to tune into your body’s feedback, so you can create real and lasting results for yourself.

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