Healing in Synergy

Learn how to apply anatomy therapeutically so you get consistent results with your clients and build a client-based business in a nurturing way

A 12-week embodied learning experience to get you more clients

In this ‘hands-on’ group program, you will get to work with Susi using the roadmap she created over the past 30 years. By the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll become a confident, capable and compassionate professional who can create results quickly and consistently.

This straightforward process will provide insights, explorations and solutions to the 3 key obstacles that prevent yoga and health professionals from helping people reduce and eradicate pain and growing a client base sustainably: 

1. Anatomy Insecurity
2. Being Unsure How to Help
3. Business Overwhelm

Since you are learning in an embodied way, you too will improve your movement, tune into your inner healer and reduce your symptoms.

If you want to:

✓ Grow your confidence with anatomy and biomechanics so that you can really see and clearly articulate what is going on for your clients

✓ Deepen your awareness and truly connect with your inner healer so that you can connect with your clients and help them move better

✓ Grow your business sustainably without burnout and overwhelm so that you can integrate your business with your personal life with ease

Healing in Synergy is your answer!

This program fills the gap between Function Synergy's shorter programs and the IAYT Accredited Certification program.

Healing in Synergy will be eligible for Continuing Education Credits for IAYT graduates, and we can provide a certificate of completion for other organizations.

There are 3 key things you will learn

Anatomy Clarity that will rocket your confidence and capabilities. This body based learning is the foundation of the healing process. You will learn the simple patterns of biomechanics and breath dynamics as they relate to yoga asanas. This will help bring clarity for those times when you are seeing something in your client’s movement but aren’t quite sure how to describe it. By the end of this program, you will have the language to explain what you are seeing in a way that encourages and empowers yourself and your client.

You’ll become an anatomy architect and know where to begin biomechanically with your client and how their biomechanics guides you to where to go next.

✓ How to cultivate a Healing Relationship. With a simple step-by-step awareness process, trust and curiosity will arise - which are the two characteristics that are foundational for awareness and healing. You’ll learn how to turn your powerful awareness tools into a healing fuel by mastering the art of listening, and learning how to teach this sacred practice to others.

Your trust will become a key component in your being and your practice. You will walk the talk, and when that alignment is present, it is stunning how that changes up and accelerates client results. 

✓ How to build a thriving yoga practice that you love. You’ll learn the unique Yogi Business process that is fundamental to building an aligned business that nurtures you and your clients.  You’ll integrate all that you’ve learned in your training, and use it effectively to ensure everyone is supported and cared for in the process, including you. You are a yoga professional or a health care professional who loves yoga – so yoga principles need to be at the core of your business. Otherwise you will burnout hustling about being in chaos.

With Susi's guidance, you will create a customized plan to Integrate With Ease.  When you’re aligned with how you are working, and how you are teaching and your yoga principles are interweaving throughout … you really are like the metaphorical lighthouse shining the light into the harbour guiding the boat (your clients) toward the shore.

(And while this all may sound ‘woo woo’… the reality is none of us serve everyone, we each have specific people who resonate with our skill and talent. When we can get into resonance ourselves with what we teach, how we teach, and how we work . . . it is game changing. Clients, very weirdly and woo woo-like, just show up. It happens all the time.)

What trainees and grads have said about working with Susi


Before Susi, I had a limited understanding of the physical body/biomechanics. While I didn't intend that to be my focus of practice, I felt that learning more about the body gave me another way to see and observe the world.  In addition to that, people have commented that they feel my presence. To me, my own presence is foundational to everything and so I'm happy it's coming through to others.


Certified Yoga Therapist


Susi has proved to be an expert at this skill, which makes collaborations with her very rewarding. I can trust her to help my clients find new ways to explore their senses and gain a new connection between the brain, body and spirit. Truly a gifted practitioner and a wonderful person.


BSc.PT, Certified Spinal Manipulation, CAFI (Acupuncture)


Thank you so much for what you do, Susi! The way you teach resonates with me a lot. I have been teaching Somatics in my classes and I encourage my students to feel their body instead of focusing on what they should or shouldn't be doing. "No right or wrong answers!" I felt so much support from you. So much ease in not only my body but also in my mind.


Certified Yoga Therapist

Hi, I'm Susi

I am Susi Hately. I have a B.Sc. Kinesiology and I have been using yoga therapy for over 25 years to help people eradicate pain. I have trained thousands of yoga teachers and health professionals around the world on how to get the same results as I do and integrate yoga therapeutically into their practices.

✓ I see what works and what doesn't.
✓ I continually evolve to help bring about better, consistent results.
✓ I teach my graduates how to grow yoga businesses they love.

If you have clients now, you’ll be able to take the concepts you’re learning, apply them in real life, and come back to report how it went and get my personal guidance on everything.  

If you’re not serving clients yet, this program will give you the foundation you need to start serving clients with confidence and clarity that will accelerate your progress.

Ongoing Access to this Program

You’ll have ongoing access to the materials so you’ll always be able to come back and review any of the information.  You’ll stay a member of the group afterwards so you can continue to ask questions as they come up.

Healing In Synergy is the culmination of what works really well, and all Susi's refinements in response to seeing where trainees struggled or stalled. 

This program will give you a solid foundation to feel confident and clear with applying anatomy and biomechanics therapeutically, helping your clients grow awareness and tune into their inner healer, and refine how you are building your client base in a sustainable, nurturing way.

Healing in Synergy

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