Podcast: Episode 70: Plantar Fasciitis

Given that my clientele is increasingly over the age of 60, with many in their 70s, I’m finding that Plantar Fasciitis is an issue more and more people are coming to me with. Whether they’ve had it for a long period of time, or it is a recurring issue showing up for any number of reasons, it is becoming increasingly common.

Podcast: Episode 69: Fall Digestive Reset

You might recall when I had Mona Warner on the show to discuss the Spring Digestive Reset, and I’m delighted to welcome her back this week to talk some more. We’re digging further into how Ayurveda has been such an integral part of her learning and teaching and the fundamentals of the fall digestive reset.

Podcast: Episode 68: If I Am So Smart, Why Am I Still In Pain?

Your brain is powerful, and when you tap into what it’s actually capable of, your entire life can change. To do this, you have to recognize the brain’s brilliance and learn how to use it as a tool to blend the cognitive amazingness with the mind-blowing awesomeness of the body.

Podcast: Episode 67: Biomechanics of Balance

When I think of biomechanics, I like to describe it as the way forces act on our musculoskeletal system and how our body tissue and structure respond to those forces. And I like to think of balance as being ‘a result of’.