Podcast: Episode 61: Mental Health: Mind over Matter?

Now, this episode isn’t about Simone Biles specifically, but her situation has catalyzed an idea that I love and that needs discussing more openly, and I hope that her experience can help us all elevate our thinking overall.

Podcast: Episode 59: Yoga Nidra

There is often a conversation going on under our level of awareness, and Yoga Nidra is a tool that can take you there. It is said that just one hour of Yoga Nidra can be as effective as three hours of regular sleep, and it can help you connect more curiously with your body and make significant changes in your life.

Podcast: Episode 58: How To Trust Your Inner Authority

When we are in a power over relationship, there is an assumption that someone else knows more, knows better, or has all the answers and we must do what that person says. It is evident in the culture we live in, where we defer to medical experts for help.