Podcast: Episode 194. Reducing the Hump of Scoliosis with Pure Movement with Beth Kaplan

This week, I am thrilled to introduce my personal client and Certification Trainee: Beth Kaplan. Beth’s story is unique because she has scoliosis, is a yogi, and has extensive experience with pain. Beth and I unpack how she tuned into the subtlety of her scoliosis to experience transformative change and share 3 takeaways from Beth’s journey that will help you on your path toward eradicating pain or helping others to do so. 

Podcast: Episode 193. Magic of Certification: 2 Months In and Listen to Their Results with International Students Maria Hykin and Nicole Nanfra

It’s one thing to talk with people when they’ve gotten their groove or graduated from one of my programs, but it’s a totally different game when we’re two months in. So Nicole and Maria are here to share more about what it’s like being two months into the final module, how they’re expanding their practices, and how the program is benefitting their clients.