The central focus of all Functional Synergy training is the power of the body as a barometer of the mind; and the understanding that the less that you compensate, the quicker you feel better. Our courses and workshops cover the science behind body movement, and teach Susi’s unique way of “reading bodies” in order to move clients out of pain and uncover what is getting the way of their own success.

Select from a variety of formats directed at different levels of expertise and levels. Each is designed to help you gain confidence in working one on one with clients with a clear direction for helping them gain back the life they want.

Accreditation: If you are pursuing continuing education in therapeutic movement or yoga therapy, consider our Kinesiology, Intensive, and Certification programs.

“There are many yoga books and online videos that suggest poses or sequences of poses to relieve pain or strain, balance hormones, etc. The trouble is they assume the issue lies in the condition and don’t factor in the person or the context of the life they are living.” Susi

What training and format interests you?

Learn Online:

  • I Love Anatomy
  • Rheumatology
  • Calm.Steady.Strong
  • Susi’s Studio

Learn in Person:

  • Kinesiology of Yoga
  • Therapeutic Yoga Intensive
  • Intro to Yoga Therapy

Post Intensive:

  • Post Intensive Integration Package
  • Therapeutic Yoga Mentor Board
  • Certification Prep Program

Yoga Therapy Certification:

  • FS Yoga Therapy Certification Program
  • Yoga Therapy Grad program
  • Learn to Mentor


  • How to Make 50K
  • Next Steps