Functional Synergy:
Yoga Therapy Certification

Harnessing the intelligence of your body, the knowing in your heart and power of your brain so you can truly help yourself and your clients recover and heal.

Deep in your heart, you know . . .

You are here for one simple reason. 

You know that recovery and healing are possible. 

You have either seen someone or been that someone who has experienced persistent symptoms of some sort, and have used that experience to grow.

And whether you were the witness or the one in the experience, you saw clear as day that Life happens “for you”, not “to you”.  

That the “curve balls” that come your way are opportunities to grow, to evolve and to step into a fuller version of yourself. 

You are someone who has done the work. As a result, you can both see and innately perceive where your gaps are in your learning and knowledge, and you are hungry for more.

You want to bring together the various pieces of experience, training and education in an effective and significant way . . a way that is meaningful and profound for your clients. 

Does this resonate for you?

So many yoga and health professionals find that they have accumulated tons of knowledge over the years, but many methods and approaches feel so conflicting, dissimilar and disparate.  

They haven’t found a way to synthesize it so that they can teach with meaningfulness, clarity and confidence.

I want you to know that there is a way to combine all the experience, education and training that you have.

A way that honours you and your one in a 7.8-billion way of being.  Your distinct way that is both impactful and profound for you and your clients. 

If you believe that all of what you know - in experience, training and education - can be influential, effective and form the foundation to a fantastic yoga based business, you will love the challenge of the Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy Certification Program. 

Because even though this program will give you your C-IAYT yoga therapy designation, you are someone who is looking for so much more.

Go deeper, connect deeper, enable recovery and healing with truly remarkable results.   

You know the parable . . . "give a person a fish and feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish, and feed them for a lifetime."

You are someone who wants to learn to fish. 

For you, becoming a yoga therapist is more than "yoga for backs".

You want to move well beyond “I hope & pray this will work” to something more deliberate and meaningful. 

The program is built on 3 Core Components to getting sustainable results for yourself and your clients:

  • Excel at logical problem solving - To do this you must take your knowledge of anatomical, biomechanical and physiological concepts to a superior level.

  • Fine tune your intuitive capability - Become expert at seeing and navigating the relationship between the mental  and emotional realities that influence the anatomical and ultimately, impact recovery and healing.
  • Know deeply that there is a subtle mystery to healing that weaves throughout - Become adept at perceiving the subtle and profound nuances that discern when they are the difference that makes the difference for your client.

Are you ready?
Are you ready step into a deeper level of mastery as a teacher and healer? 

Submit your details below to access a short video series and the Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy Certification Guide that will help you understand how this program will transform you and your relationship with your clients.”

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