A Client’s Results with Sciatic Symptom Treatment


Here is a great example of a client who came in with Sciatic symptoms and over 3 sessions the symptoms went away:

Session 1 - He had back pain and his numbing symptoms were felt down to his toes, along.

We focused on small movement, being sure he was moving well at the hips, without compensatory gripping or bracing.

Session 2 - The numbness was now only down the mid thigh, back pain was less. He was aware of his movement, and when he gripped. He could tell where his true end range of motion was in his hip and didn't push past it. He was breathing much more easily.

We added movements from other joints. It was still very simple. He recognized other tension holding patterns and how active his brain was (and inhibited relaxation).

Session 3 - The numbness was out of his leg. His back pain was much less. He had greater awareness, and more understanding of when his movement patterns were reverting to "old habitual ways". He had a better sense of when he was fatigued and how that correlated to his symptoms "whispering back".

We added complex movements working through more than one plane at a time, and ensuring his back pain did not go up. At the end of the session the back pain was gone and he had a skip in his step.

His progress continued past session 3, and he has been a client for over 3 years continuing to make gains, and challenge his movement patterns and find new ways to deepen his connection with his body.

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