Episode 3: Lessons Learned : Deeply Caring


Lessons Learned : Deeply Caring

Problems will always exist. You don't want to have the same problems this year as you had last year. Listen as your host Susi Hately shares some issues she has had and the lessons she has learned from them so that maybe we can learn from her mistakes and the opportunities they have provided for her to rethink, reframe, refine and refresh and move forward in this episode of From Pain to Possibility.

Do you believe that healing is possible? Susi does and is sharing some examples of people who listened to the whispers and could manage their conditions or by finding what was causing the flare-ups. Susi shares that she is not making the condition go away, but she helps them recognize the symptoms and the communication going through their body. None of us know what is actually possible.

Have you ever felt yourself caring so much that you cared more about the clients' health than they did? Listen, as Susi shares how she has learned to control the characteristic of caring too much when it becomes destructive by looking at the situations that caused it to go sideways and becoming more transparent of her tendencies and how better to channel it without getting jaded.

Susi wants you to allow yourself to step into the commitment to excellence and mastery of your craft, to become a better and more refined version of yourself so that you can contribute to your community and your world. Susi shares an exciting view on how caring can turn destructive; if any of this resonates with you, don't miss this episode.

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"Our greatest skill can also be our greatest weakness.” Susi Hately

In This Episode:

[01:12] Welcome to my first edition of Lessons Learned.
[03:06] Susi shares one of her most significant skills as a teacher.
[05:09] "I believe that healing is possible."
[06:02] Do you know anyone who has been accurately diagnosed but can manage their illness well?
[08:12] Susi helps people recognize the whispers and realize the causes of the flairs associated with their conditions they can manage and or heal the illness.
[09:56] Susi speaks about what she has learned from teaching professionally.
[11:40] Susi shares some stories about some teachers she has taught over the years.
[14:40] Susi discusses what she has done over the years when she felt herself giving in to her characteristic to care more than she should.
[17:08] Susi wants people to experience the possibility of having a grand life.
[17:48] Susi shares why she is open with her trainees.
[19:27] "The bottom line is that we each have these innate characteristics that are incredibly powerful in whatever job we have."
[21:07] If you want to get to work on honing this characteristic, please join us at Functional Synergy, go to the comment page and send us an email.
[21:45] Have a great practice and happy exploring.

“Now, I have to let the butterfly bust through the cocoon.” Susi Hately

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Mistake and Failure is part of the path of Success
  • Problems will always exist.  You don't want to have the same problems this year as you did last year
  • You can't care more deeply for someone than they care for themselves
  • The destructive nature of deeply caring

“Failure has always been part of an opportunity.” Susi Hately

Featured On The Show & Other Notes:

“I believe that yoga is one of the best things we offer people.” Susi Hately

Episode Transcript:

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“Problems will always exist. The thing is, you don’t want to have the same problems this year you had last year.”
Susi Hately