Podcast: Episode 8: Integrative Postpartum Care with Megan Jenkinson


​Integrative Postpartum Care with Megan Jenkinson

"When we lose awareness, we lose the connection." Listen as Susi and her guest Megan Jenkinson discuss Pilates, movement, physiotherapy, and biopsychosocial models and what we can look at in terms of movement and how this can be helpful for a variety of healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists.

Megan is a physiotherapist, kinesiologist, and Pilates instructor with a specialty in women's health and movement. She draws on these practices when working with her clients to provide a comprehensive whole-body approach to rehabilitation. Megan has developed her own system for pelvic floor and core recovery over her years of experience working with postnatal women. 

Listen as Megan shares when she started using the reformer from a teaching perspective, and why she works mostly with women and women's health. They speak about Susi's body condition once she gave birth through C-Section to her twins and how Megan helped Susi get her movement pattern back.

Susi and Megan discuss awareness and how important it is because once you lose awareness, you lose connection. They also speak about qualitative versus quantitative and some tools you can use to support someone to notice what they are experiencing, and Megan shares how she determines which part of a patient's body she works on first.

When two people who have been doing yoga this long get together, you know it will be a fascinating conversation, and these two did not disappoint. Kick back, relax, and hit play.

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“What was really fascinating was that I didn’t have to use my will or my brain to make it happen. If anything, I had to use my will and brain to make it not happen.” -Susi Hately

In This Episode:

[01:12] Welcome to the show, Megan!
[01:45] Susi shares how she met Megan.
[04:09] Megan discusses her journey to where she is now.
[05:37] Megan speaks about when she started using the reformer from a teaching perspective.
[06:51] Is there a distinction between how you're using exercise versus when you were working as a physio?
[09:30] Susi discusses how most physiotherapists, OT, and even nurses that she's trained all wanted out of the profession, but they usually come back once they leave.
[12:24] Megan shares why she mostly works with women and women's health.
[13:06] Susi speaks about compensation patterns and how her patterns had to be rebuilt after giving birth to twins by c-section.
[15:54] Megan discusses diastasis and the tension created in the abdominal wall.
[18:18] Susi chats about a movement on the reformer that mimics a downward dog in Pilates and how her abdomen stopped engaging.
[22:21] The awareness piece is so important, when we lose awareness, we lose the connection.
[24:06] Susi speaks about some conversations she has been having with other physiotherapists.
[26:55] Susi speaks about some physio's telling her that something is missing, but not sure what it is until they work with her.
[28:13] What would you suggest to physiotherapists who are curious and want to move into this direction?
[30:46] Susi talks about qualitative versus quantitative.
[33:05] Listen as Megan gives us some tools you used to support someone to realize what it is experiencing?
[35:07] Megan chooses what seems to be the most important thing to make progress required to do the next thing when working with clients.
[37:39] Susi shares something she learned a long time ago from a mentor.
[39:51] Megan discusses the story of a woman she is working with and what she is doing to help her knee pain.
[43:24] After working with Megan, she felt her symptoms subside.
[45:38] Have you ever been exasperated trying to find the person who was the right fit for you?
[48:27] Megan has launched an online program for postpartum women, and it can be done online.
[49:11] Megan speaks about her program catering to women, teaching them how to restore balance and connection around the pelvic floor.
[51:48] Thank you for being on the show!

“The awareness piece is so important, right? Like when we lose the awareness, we lose the connection.” -Susi Hately

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How yoga helps after childbirth
  • How to keep the connection between mind and body
  • What to look for in a physiotherapist

“The exercise they’ve been given with the right intention is actually not achieving the goal.” -Megan Jenkinson

“It’s learning to be present with the person, and then, also really take in more of what they’re telling you about their body versus just trying to figure it out yourself.” -Megan Jenkinson

Episode Transcript:

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“It’s this qualitative experience that feeds the quantitative measure so that you can see the outcome.” -Susi Hately