Podcast: Episode 14: Psoas: Sacred, Subtle, Powerful


​Psoas: Sacred, Subtle, Powerful

"I believe the Psoas to be a sacred, powerful, and subtle muscle." In this episode of From Pain to Possibility, join Susi as she explores the Psoas muscle. 

So often the psoas gets blamed for issues, but really, it isn’t the psoas’ fault.  The psoas is responding to the forces in the body and how they are being absorbed and dissipated. 

Consider this idea of being grounded and light simultaneously, solid and stable, the ability to be agile. All of these characteristics apply to a psoas that is responsive, alive, and turned on. There is a whole new level of quiet power that can be experienced.

If this has gotten your interest and you want to dig in more and explore more about the psoas, Susi has an online course coming up on the psoas specifically. She would love for you to join her and learn more at https://www.functionalsynergy.com/product/power-of-pure-movement-the-psoas/.

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“The Psoas didn’t wake up one day to wreak havoc, it responds to the forces that are at play."  - Susi Hately

In This Episode:

[00:25] Welcome to the show!

[00:58] Susi speaks about the orientation of the psoas muscle.

[02:21] Susi shares that the psoas crosses three chakras points.

[03:25] The psoas didn't wake up one day to cause issues; it responds to the forces that are at play.

[05:36] Susi explains why the psoas can be so curious.

[06:08] Susi discusses how to help the client resolve the symptoms they are experiencing.

[07:46] When teaching people how to move again, they realize how well they have compensated.

[09:17] Susi says that when the tissue around the chakras start to function better, a lot of ourselves become online and function better.

[10:31] Susi discusses how the retraining moves into refinement to do the activity they want to do.

[12:22] Susi believes that it is interesting to teach people about the psoas and how it works and moves forces through our bodies.

[14:05] Thank you for listening and happy exploring.

“The way that the Psoas is experienced is very much a subjective event."  - Susi Hately

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • The orientation of the Psoas muscle.
  • How the Psoas cross three chakras points.
  • Why the Psoas can be so curious and discussing how to help the client resolve the symptoms they are experiencing.

“I have found that when people have a sustainability issue, it’s often related to other areas of their body that aren't online." - Susi Hately

Episode Transcript:

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“I believe the Psoas to be a sacred, powerful and subtle muscle.”  - Susi Hately