Women, Yoga, and Money

with Susi Hately

 A 4-day Event Designed to Help You Claim Your Money Power

September 20-23, 2021

Remarkable things happen when women, who are also yoga professionals, learn how to make, save and grow their money

It is as simple as that.

It has only been recently that women have moved from “being property” to “owning property.

In the 1980’s, in some areas of North America, women still needed a husband to get a mortgage on a house.

It’s head shaking to think about, perhaps F-bomb worthy.

But that was the reality back then

And with only 40 years separating then and now, remnants of those beliefs still remain in the collective subconscious.

Women are still expected to earn less.

Especially if they decide to create and raise children.

The innuendos and side comments are subtle (and not subtle) and ever present.

Comments like . . .

You are too ambitious, too bossy, too arrogant, too emotional, too bitchy, too sassy, not much of a mother, etc

Add in being a Yoga Teacher or Yoga Therapist,
and the conversation only deepens.

The consistent message is that teaching yoga is a hobby. 

You can’t make a living at it, not without teaching way too many classes per week. 

And during a pandemic - impossible. 

Nevermind the chatter that making money is incredibly unyogic. 

I am Susi Hately, B.Sc Kinesiologist, C-IAYT yoga therapist.


After being a yoga teacher for over 25 years, and helping thousands of people out of pain, and teaching hundreds of yoga professionals how to grow their yoga business in a sacred, supportive way . . .

Here is what I know to be true.

Good things happen when women earn, save, and grow their money AND amazing things happen when the sacred art of yoga intertwines with the heart and a spirit of a woman on her way to and at the top of her game.

Not only does she deliver remarkable teachings to support her students’ mental, physical and spiritual health, she creates a vital life - one that fulfills her purpose and nurtures her soul - and vitalizes the world around her. 


She is no longer depleted and fatigued. She is clear, solid, resourceful and creative. 


She is able to generously give her money away to the causes that are deeply meaningful and impactful. 


And if she has kids, she can teach them the whole process too.  

How about that for making the world a better place, and leaving a legacy that matters?

Women, Yoga and Money brings in the best money and finance teachers to help you make, manage and grow your money.


  • Feel unsure how to find clients or make money
  • Feel overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by your financial situation
  • ​Leave money decisions to someone else
  • Avoid money because you lack confidence or clarity

We can help you earn the money you want in a way that honours your highest purpose as a woman and a yoga professional.

Women, Yoga and Money 

4 Days of Learning from 4 Women Money Mentors Who Love Yoga

Monday - Thursday Sept 20-23, 2021 

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$649 CAD + Applicable Tax

Earning, Managing, and Growing your money and  are all learned skills. 


It is important to understand that women view and “do” money differently than men. And more so being a yoga professional.


While the actual skills of earning, managing and growing are the same no matter your gender and professional identities, how we as women and yoga professionals need to be taught is unique and specific. 


This is why I have created Women, Yoga and Money. 


I have learned from all of these women. They are the real deal. So grab your pen and paper.  

How To Earn Your Money - Evolve Your Money Blue Print with Susan Trumpler - Monday September 20, 2:15 P.M. MDT 
Discover how to evolve your money blueprint and release the limiters that have been holding your back from earning the money that you deserve. Learn specific skills to grow your yoga practice in a way that honours your yogi’s heart. Join Susan Trumpler, founder of Unstoppable Women in Business is passionate about helping  believes that you can “Make Friends With Selling” by learning how to sell in a way that feels authentic and creates connected relationships with your ideal clients. She also believes that no woman was meant to be an island – building a business takes a village and she is ideally suited to help you create a success plan that outlines the fastest path to consistent and predictable money in the bank!

How To Earn Your Money - Secrets to Writing Copy That Inspires Engagement and ACTION with Erin Whalen - Tuesday September 21, 2:15 P.M. MDT
What inspires people to read your emails, click on your links, visit your website, buy your STUFF – and feel a strong positive connection to you and your business? The answer might surprise you! 

Erin Whalen is a long time copywriter and content strategist who will help you as a woman and yoga professional  to increase the amount of engagement and action you generate with ALL of your online communications.  All with heart and soul. She counts personal development experts such as Jack Canfield and Iyanla Vanzant among her clients. 

How to Grow Your Money - Busting the "Bad At Math" Myth with Julia Chung - Wednesday September 22, 2:15 P.M. MDT
Many women think they're "bad at math" which also leads to the belief that they're "bad at money". Add to this that financial institutions, products and services are complex even confusing - and that is by design.  In this discussion we'll explore and highlight ways for how to climb over these roadblocks, and the key pieces of information you'll need to get empowered and remain in control of your own financial decisions for the long term.

Julia Chung has worked at multiple investment firms and credit unions, and in 2011, she left traditional financial services to form a fee-for-service financial planning firm in order to serve more people in a conflict-free environment. 

How to Manage Your Money - Your Money is a Tool for Connection with Kathryn Mandelcorn -  Thursday September 23- 3:00 P.M. MDT

There is some serious power in how we communicate and use money. When we identify how we can use money in alignment with our values we can live a more connected life. We now have power with money rather than money having power over us.  Let's elevate our consciousness so we can use money as the tool it is intended to be. Learn how to save with intention and spend without guilt

After 15 years in banking, investments and financial planning, Kathryn began her work as a Money Coach in 2012 when she sought to provide cash flow planning advice not tied to the management of assets or the sale of products . She wants to help women let go of their scarcity mindset, to articulate what they really wanted out of life, to get out of debt and to use money as a tool to support their values.

Join me on this journey to equipping every woman with the knowledge and tools to claim her financial freedom.

Women ,Yoga and Money is a sacred act of reclaiming your power

It’s about blending the very best of us as women  and as yoga professionals. 

It is time to equip the powerful woman that is inside of you with the inspiration and information to  take what you know in your heart and put action behind it.

The mindset shift from “being property” to “owning property” is a learned skill. It is an intentional evolution of mind and spirit that needs fresh input to flourish.

Invest time in educating yourself so you are equipped to invest in others.

Let’s do this together . . .

September 20-23, 2021

8 hours of training

$649 CAD + Applicable Tax

Women, Yoga and Money

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