Podcast: Episode 35: Injury and Illness as Opportunity

If you have been diagnosed with an injury or illness, you may believe that there is only one way of dealing with it. But sometimes, new realities are possible – things that you haven’t considered – and they could be the answer to living with these conditions more effectively.

Podcast: Hypermobility with Amy

Podcast: Episode 34: Hypermobility with Amy

Fellow Yoga Teacher and client of mine, Amy, joins me this week to share her journey and unique perspective of having a Hypermobility Disorder. She shares how what began as a life sentence transformed into something much more supportive, powerful, and freeing and how she uses her experience to guide her teaching practice.

Podcast: Home Exercise Programs

Podcast: Episode 33: Home Exercise Programs

I get asked a lot by health professionals and yoga teachers how I get my clients to do their homework or the exercises I give them to help them get better. They struggle to get their clients to do their part – so why do people not do things that they know will benefit them?

Podcast: Episode 32: Integrating Yoga and Medicine

Blending the worlds of yoga and medicine has been a fascinating journey. Awareness and presence are such valuable tools for practitioners, and when we incorporate these into medicine, we can really listen to the client and provide them with what they need.