Solutions for Sciatica


Here is a sample of how I have been integrating my B.Sc. Kinesiology with my therapeutic approach to yoga. This hour long masterclass digs into how I work with a situation like Sciatica.

Enjoy Solutions for Sciatica ~ Susi Style.

Masterclass notes and extra material are underneath the video player for more.


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In this hour long Masterclass we dug into how I help my clients by teaching them how to:

  • grow presence and awareness and why this is vital to healing
  • embody biomechanics and kinesiology for quicker recovery
  • identify common compensatory patterns related to Sciatica
  • recognize the feedback their body is giving them and what to do with it

There are two images I used in this class.

  1. The visual of the sciatic nerve is from a very beaten up (front cover torn off) anatomy book by Dr. Keith Moore.
  2. The visual of the connection of hip to foot is from Anodea Judith’s book Wheels of Life

There are 3 animation videos that had trouble loading while we are online. Their purpose is to show the movement of the leg in the pelvis. Here they are:

Playback Quality : High

External Rotation of Hip

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