Podcast: Episode 13: How I Do It

Susi shares the five principles that worked for her, clarity, conversations, support, calendar, and commitment. Clarity leads to conversation; the conversation opens the door to understanding; understanding support helps us get clearer on our calendar. Underline, it all is a commitment to do what we want. Susi discusses how each of these led to her and her husband’s ability to handle anything that has been thrown at them, even COVID-19.

Podcast: Episode 12: The Significance of the Rotator Cuff

Do you think it is possible to heal from a rotator cuff injury without paying attention to the shoulder girdle? In this episode of From Pain to Possibility, listen as Susi digs into the rotator cuff and the shoulder girdle, and how necessary it is for both to work together in order to recover and heal from rotator cuff injuries.

Podcast: Episode 11: Compensation

Listen, as Susi discusses when compensation happens and how, when she can clear up those extraneous patterns, she can help them become more optimal in their movements. They have much more efficient biomechanical patterns, which also correlates to a reduction in pain.

Podcast: Episode 10: How Biomechanics Helps To Reduce Pain

Susi speaks about anatomy being the mapping of muscles, other tissues, lymphatic system, nervous system, and blood vessels. Biomechanics is how we see these forces move through those systems and Kinesiology being the studio of how a movement happens. She also shares that posture is how we embody our structure.